hello monday {ruby rose edition}

All these pretty pictures are from one of my very favorite vintage shops in San Luis Obispo, Ruby Rose. Hope you get inspired too!Hello pretty bed with lots of colorful pillows!

Hello flu bug that hit me hard this weekend. I spent yesterday in bed.

Hello sweet husband who held down the fort while I was sick.

Hello weekly menu to be planned and groceries still to be bought.

Hello cardiology appointment for David that had to be rescheduled {since I was sick we couldn’t drive down to LA}

Hello laundry to be folded {but at least it’s clean!}

Hello vintage painting. I have an obsession with vintage florals.

Hello announcement coming this week! We have something new to share!

Hello books! I’m currently reading You’re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth. So encouraging! What are you reading?

Hello daylight savings. I love having it lighter later–summer is coming!

Hello Lorax. We went and saw the movie Friday night and loved it!

Hello Monday, we aren’t ready for you yet! I need another Sunday–please!

What are you saying hello to this week? Link up your own ‘Hello Monday’ post in the comments section or just leave a comment with a few hellos!


  1. Lovely colorful photos, Lisa! So sorry to hear you’ve been ill–sending you good wishes from Maryland.

  2. Ugh! Seems like your family and mine keep getting sick at the same time, though many miles apart. Get well wishes!

    I am currently reading A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, right along with my sophomores as I’m teaching it! It’s my first time. Loving it! I’m also having my book club read it right now!

    Hello to a windy, power-outage-filled morning today! Hello to making orange-whiskey marmalade with my girls. Hello to hosting my book club. Hello to lunch on Friday with my BFF and a sleepover at my cousin’s that night. Hello to half-price day at the spa on Saturday since it’s my birthday! Hello to a nice evening planned with my family. Can’t wait to be 35!

    1. I am so tired of being sick, I want to cry! Try to enjoy the extra cuddles though. Hope you are all on the mend! {orange-whiskey marmalade? yum!}

  3. i too have a love for ruby rose – because of you! every time i look at my pretty little mama chair (floral beauty i got in january while on a whirlwind visit to my hearts home – SLO) i am thankful for your posts about ruby rose. what a gem!
    and just finished reading a lovely post about you on the nester! i agree, you are inspirational. maybe most because you come across so very real on your blog.
    have a delightful monday!

  4. Great collection! An awesome way to make it through this rainy Monday morning. Thanks for sharing. Great blog too! Found you thru the Cakies blog.

  5. so sorry you’re sick…i got a cold over the weekend too! love all the beautiful pics from ruby rose…i’m reading the kitchen boy-fantastic so far…

  6. Happy Monday! I am saying hello to my birthday today! And to the first day of spring break (I am a teacher)!! Even though its cloudy here in MN today, still could not get any better. 🙂

  7. I also got hit hard with a flu bug yesterday and spent the day in bed:( My hubby also did a wonderful job holding down the fort. I hope you are better today! I love your hello Monday’s!

  8. Hello Lisa…hope you are on the mend. Was up in your area yesterday and stopped by the fabulous Ruby Rose–but they were closed. We went to the Cayucos Sea Glass Festival. I am saying hello to my local beach in a few minutes to go hunting for more sea glass!

  9. so i thought you were going to make a big announcement today. i’ve been checking all morning. eek. can’t wait!!!! miss spending my days with you. hugs. sum

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