All these pretty pictures are from one of my very favorite vintage shops in San Luis Obispo, Ruby Rose. Hope you get inspired too!Hello pretty bed with lots of colorful pillows!

Hello flu bug that hit me hard this weekend. I spent yesterday in bed.

Hello sweet husband who held down the fort while I was sick.

Hello weekly menu to be planned and groceries still to be bought.

Hello cardiology appointment for David that had to be rescheduled {since I was sick we couldn’t drive down to LA}

Hello laundry to be folded {but at least it’s clean!}

Hello vintage painting. I have an obsession with vintage florals.

Hello announcement coming this week! We have something new to share!

Hello books! I’m currently reading You’re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth. So encouraging! What are you reading?

Hello daylight savings. I love having it lighter later–summer is coming!

Hello Lorax. We went and saw the movie Friday night and loved it!

Hello Monday, we aren’t ready for you yet! I need another Sunday–please!

What are you saying hello to this week? Link up your own ‘Hello Monday’ post in the comments section or just leave a comment with a few hellos!