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alabama blogger meet-up!!

October 2nd | blog friends, events, jewelry


i’m coming to alabama to shoot a segment with abc’s talk of alabama

and i’d love to meet up!

amanda, rhoda, rachel and i are planning a gathering

at jennifer harwell gallery from noon-2 on october 15th.

everyone is welcome! come hang out with us!!

* * *

and we need your help getting the word out…

so if you blog, tweet or facebook about the event,

leave a comment here (on rachel’s blog)

and be entered to win a $50 gift cert to lisa leonard designs.


yay! mark your calendars.

everyone is welcome-whether you blog or not! bring a friend!

i can’t wait to hang out.

29 Responses

  1. purejoy says:

    if i wasn’t held hostage by a yardsale, i would so be there. even though i live in tennessee. my daughter is at alabama… i’ll have her roadtrip from tuscaloosa to see you… {she can shop for me for christmas, right??}
    hope you have a lovely time in alabama. feel free to come to knoxville any time.

  2. Vicky McAdams says:

    I am so excited and will do my best to get off work. What a blessing!!!

  3. Marcy says:

    I would love to come, but its a bit tough with two little ones and a 3 hour drive to Birmingham. But please let me know if you ever come to Nashville! :)

  4. Southern Gal says:

    Ah. Wish I lived closer to Bama. I would love to meet you and Amanda in person. Have a fun time!

  5. Kristin says:

    Please come to NY :)

  6. kirstie says:

    Sure wish I lived closer – I’d love to come visit! Let me know anytime you venture to the Northeast and I’ll be there!

  7. Missy says:

    Yay! I am so excited! I can meet so many of my favorite bloggers!

  8. Arizona. Alabama. Nope, a little far to drive. I would totally love to meet you, though! Can’t wait to see pics and read about it.

  9. Christi says:

    I can’t believe you are coming to Alabama! Yeah! I will be there for sure!

  10. Lisa McGriff says:

    I can’t believe your going to be 3 1/2 hours from me and I have to work.. This makes me cry.. Have a blessed time in Birmingham and go eat at Tazikis!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. becca says:

    how exciting! i’ll do my best to take my lunch break during that time and come say hi. very cool!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I tweeted about it today and I’ll tweet about it every day this week! Thank you…..

  13. Jacqueline Jones-Blacker says:

    How exciting— I contacted my local B’ham friends, I’m sure it’ll be a success!

  14. Alysa says:

    How fun! I lived in BHam 5 years ago. I will let my cousin know about this :)

  15. McKt says:

    I’m so bummed. I never go anywhere, but that weekend I will be in California (of all places!). Hate to miss you. Enjoy our fair city.

  16. Beth says:

    can’t wait to meet you. my friend and I are coming on our lunch break

  17. I heard you speak at EVO and love my necklace. You are coming to my hometown so I am very excited!

  18. I will be there! I’m thrilled to meet you. Huge fan!

  19. B Smith says:

    Yay! I’ll be there!

  20. Lucy says:

    I will be there, too!

  21. […] I’ll be in Birmingham for the Lisa Leonard event. If you are anywhere in the area, I’d love to meet you! […]

  22. Pam says:

    Oh, I wish I could but we are headed down to the beach tomorrow :)

  23. WendyH says:

    Can’t be there, but can pass on the word…have a great event!

  24. Katya says:

    I hope to get there!! I love your jewelry and want to get a piece for my daughter’s Christmas!! See you there!!

  25. Monica says:

    Kansas City needs a little Lisa Leonard lovin.

  26. Laurie says:

    Come to the midwest! Starbucks is my favorite! I’d love to have coffee with you!

  27. sue white says:

    I live in Washington State and wish she could come here some time. Love her stuff!!!!

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