a blogger meet-up in alabama means new friends to be found!


steve and had so much fun in birmingham!

we flew over to tape a segment for abc’s talk of alabama

{more on that soon!}

and met up with a bunch of a.maz.ing. bloggers while we where there.

each person i met had such a sweetness about them.

how fun to travel across the country and hang out with a bunch of new friends.

oh, and eat cupcakes and take lots of pictures.

thank you amanda, rachel and rhoda!! i love you girls!

more pics from the event here and here and here and here.

* * *
would you come to a blogger meet-up in your area?

what major city is closest to you??


  1. I LOVE the water bottles with your name on them… Where on EARTH did you get those??? Do tell… I am dying to here more details. CUTE blog with GREAT jewlery… I am putting you on my most popular list.

  2. count me in if you visit columbus, ohio (ashley c too!). I’m not a blogger myself, but I certainly follow yours – and probably spent more time in the “store” than I should. ; )

  3. Yes! We’ve done a Houston meet-up before. Actually, I’ve done two meet-ups, one for Bossy (Georgia’s) road trip and one pre BlogHer. I didn’t go to BlogHer, but it was fun meeting everyone. Houston is the closest for me.

    I also voye that your dress is super cute.

  4. I would love to meet up with you!!! I live in Lancaster, PA, but we are not far from Harrisburg, PA or Philadelphia, PA. Let me know if you ever want to come!!!

  5. I took a day off yesterday to spend with the kiddos and am just now getting around to looking at blogs and such. We had so much fun meeting you the other day. It was also a lot of fun seeing your tweet to me and the comment on my blog. We hope you make another trip out this way or maybe my friends and I will make it to CA.

  6. San Luis Obispo would be great, but Santa Barbara would work too. I love Amanda’s blog she has some adorable fonts and helpful tips on photography!

  7. Looks like fun! Those cupcakes look delish. I’m up for a meet-up! I’m closest to Denver, which after reading all the comments, seems most central. I guess it’s settled then! See you all in Denver! 🙂

  8. yay! what a fun time for sure… and i would definitely do another blogger meet-up. hoping someone might start a meet-up in our area. thanks again so much for coming to visit us!

  9. good morning!

    LA – that’s the closet – but I think Santa Barbara would be so fun to meet up with you! Would absolutely love to meet you face to face!!


  10. welcome home! i’m glad you guys had such a good time! i would most definitely attend a blogger meet-up……..i’m in CT so the closest would be Hartford BUT I would be willing to travel to NYC or even Boston for the right people 😉

  11. What lucky ladies in Alabama! I’m in the LA/OC area! Would LOVE to attend a blogger meet up and meet YOU! I think one of your sisters lives in OC, is that right? Another fun reason to get you down in So Cal. Those cupcakes look amazing! I don’t do cupcakes, but I can bake some killer chocolate chip cookies or scrumptious banana bread for you!

  12. #1. Come back to Alabama and take any and all photos of me – I look sassy in that one and my head seems like a normal size.

    #2 It was such a fun event and I hope every woman ends up wearing one of your wonderful pieces. Even if it’s because that’s where the government stores the “Big Brother” chips.

  13. Please come to Chicago. I just received the paper lantern necklace from my hubby & kids as an early birthday present. Would love to meet up in person.

  14. What a fun time! So glad you both got to go and have fun together.
    YES YES YES!! I would come to a blogger meet up… I’m in Nashville. In fact, I’m thinking of putting one together… nothing fancy, just a chance for some local gals to meet. I’ll treat you to my favorite burrito!

  15. I love alabama, love the people and everything about southern hospitality. we have family there and love to visit when we can. the closest major city to me is chicago or st. louis an di would definitely go to a meet up if i had the chance. sounds like a great weekend!

  16. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! You are a truly beautiful person, inside and out. Your designs are also SO incredible in person! I cannot wait to get my first piece (**hint, hint hubby**)


    aka: Alabama Slacker Mama

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