the meaning of being ‘real’ {new beginnings with lisa leonard}

hello friends! next monday i am planning a link-up for hello monday! so get your posts ready and be prepared to link up!

hello moth perched on a glass chicken head {captured at the flea market}

hello still glowing from time with sisters this weekend

hello inspiration–my head is filled with some new ideas

hello paper mache goat head

hello random, silly photos and laughing and laughing

hello honesty and sharing and being real with each other

hello iced coffee that i am loving every morning these days

hello getting into the school year and feeling so excited about what this year holds

hello email and mail and catching up

hello monday! it’s going to be a productive week–i can feel it!

what are you saying hello at the beginning of this sparkly new week?


  1. Hello to a busy Monday at the library…but all in all not a bad day. Love the pictures with the goat mask…reminds me of a crazy collage (?) thing my brother did with an enlarged old picture of my mother…and a deer skull…about the size of that mask… called “Dear Mother”. sounds crazy…and it definitely is…but it also makes people laugh…just like your photos above .
    Glad you enjoyed time with your sisters.

  2. I am so excited for the link-up!
    Hello morning coffee and afternoon latte.
    Hello sunshine and warm breeze.
    Hello falling leaves (already!)

  3. Hello Lisa! I love your blog but, do you know what? I especially come here on Monday, just to read your HELLO MONDAY post… it is sooo special!!
    Thanks a lot for your positive words, really.


  4. Lisa, this has nothing to with the question asked today, but I felt inspired to write a quick note because…you are always so darn positive and I appreciate that. When reading your blog you can’t help but be in a happy place. I often find myself getting caught up in the day to day grind and you really inspire me to be more positive and see the beauty in the little things. 🙂

    1. thank you mariel! you are so sweet. i’m not always positive in real life–but i definitely try to see beauty in the little things. xxoo

  5. hello to a hello monday linky! 😉 i can’t wait to link up; i get so many compliments on my HM posts (which i always give the credit back to you 🙂 so this is exciting!

  6. I am excited for Link up Monday! I am trying to get my blog out there. 😉 hehe! It’s always good to get back into a routine. I think that’s one of the many reasons we all love fall so much!

  7. Hello to…week three of riding the bus at least three times a week and saving $$$! Hello to…Olivia’s first full week of her senior year of high school. Hello to…my birthday in a few days. {really? A year has gone by already?} Hello to…a new book started. Hello to…a week full of possibilities!

  8. Hello to a new homeschool curriculum. Hello to an organized kitchen…thanks to my motherr. Hello to the co-op for some yummy ingredients for dinner. Hello to runny noses from allergies…boo.

  9. Hello Monday and 3 of my six kids going back to college today. Hopefully this is the last year for all three! Mom and dad’s pockets are now empty and anymore schooling they want will have to come from student loans. I have one other starting his last year of law schoolbut he’s doing that on loans–we got him thru undergrad too. My oldest os a dentist and the last one is a dental assistant and soon to be mommy of her third child. Fall is here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Come to see our BEAUTIFUL fall colors at the end of September!!!

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