chrissie and i are twins, and two of our younger sisters are twins. our birthdays all fall in late august–so every year the four of us get together to celebrate. it’s seriously one of the highlights of my summer!

we met in santa barbara on saturday to shop, eat and spend some time sitting and talking.

we shopped the little flea market in carpinteria and then got lunch. of course we planned some time for anthropologie.

there may have been hot fudge sundaes invloved.

i love to visit the colorful, outdoor indian market on state street. i picked up a fun skirt.

we finished off a perfect day with some delicious mexican food and lots of time to talk over coffee. it was one of those perfect days.

my sisters are a source of genuine, heart-felt support and love. i’m blessed to have a few friends that are like sisters as well. do you have a sister or friend who understands your heart and loves you no-matter-what?