i was totally inspired by this project from country living magazine. just in time for easter, too!

for supplies you’ll need shredded paper (i used strips of brown grocery bags), white glue (equal parts glue and water, mixed well), a small bowl, plastic wrap and wax paper.

i covered the small bowl with plastic wrap and started dipping strips of paper into the glue mixture. i knew it was going to be drippy and messy, so i made sure to lay down wax paper first. once i got quite a few layers of paper i let the nest dry overnight. then i carefully peeled away the nest from the bowl. so fun!

i filled the papier mache bowl with robin’s eggs {made by whoppers}. and set it next to a cute bunny that i picked up from target for $5.99.

thanks for the inspiration, country living! now i am totally excited up for easter. i want to decorate the house and start picking up things for the boys’ easter baskets.

do you decorate for easter?