Hello Special Olympics!

David competed in the Special Olympics Friday. He did the assisted walk {with a buddy} and the softball throw. He really enjoyed himself and loved all the people cheering him on! Such a great day. How about some pics and hellos for a brand new week?

Hello brothers. It was so fun having Matthias there. Can you tell David loves his brother?

Hello reconnecting with old friends. So good.

Hello t-shirts. Wake up and be awesome!

Hello sitting together before the event.

Hello getting ready with a pep talk!

Hello mama whispering in his ear. I love him so much.

Hello walking as fast as you can. Go David!

Hello my three sweet boys. I am so blessed.

Hello cutie pie. He proudly wore his medals all afternoon.

Hello reading this book. It’s so good. You know I love biographies. She’s hilarious.

Hello lower back pain. I think I pulled a muscle picking up David. He’s getting so busy.

Hello four and a half weeks of school left. What??

Hello NEW BAGS! Have you seen them? This one is our best seller so far–LOVE it!

Hello Guardians of the Galaxy. We just saw the sequel and it was so funny.

Hello to you! It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. I have tried to communicate with you regarding the ring I purchased. I had it for only 3 days and the stone fell out. If you or someone could please contact me to discuss this problem, I t greatly appreciated.

  2. I ordered birth stone rings from you which I have received, but one of the rings does not have a stone…(the ruby) Where do I send it to, to get fixed? Thank you

    1. Hello Patricia
      I am so sorry to hear one of the rings does not have a stone. Please contact us at customer service at Lisa leonard dot com an we’ll make it right. xo

  3. Goooo David! I would have loved to see him compete–especially the softball throw. So glad you could all be there. =)

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