Hello paddleboarding

I went paddleboarding on Saturday in the ocean and it was so fun! I went a couple years ago I paddleboarded at a lake–but it was very smooth and easy. I wanted to try paddle boarding in the ocean and it was definitely do-able. The board can easily stabilize when a wave comes by. For me it was getting over the fear of falling and just relaxing.

How about some hellos for a new week?

Hello trying something new–lately I’m trying to yes more and put myself out there.

Hello time with soul friends. I was at a writers’ retreat over the weekend and it filled me up.

Hello doing some work on our bathroom to update. It will be messy before it’s better–kind of how life is, right?

Hello writing and writing and writing some more.

Hello cooking new things. I want to try this dish–I’m thinking maybe I’ll add chicken to make it a main instead of a side.

Hello reading this book and finding it just as romantic as the original! Jane Austen is a favorite–and all things related to her.

Hello wanting to get back into walking regularly. I’ve been out of my routine this summer and I want to walk and hike more consistently.

Hello wishing I was more organized. Sigh.

Hello trying to keep up with texts and emails and failing.

Hello feeling very thankful David had a great doctor visit last week!

Hello starting school this week! Hello new year, new teachers, new things to learn.

Hello to you! It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. I just ordered a sterling bracelet from you. Been wanting it for 9 months now. My Aunt, really my husbands Aunt Nancy was an especially special person to us. She passed at 96 in Pasadena, California last December 4th at her will because of swallowing complications and recurring pneumonia. She was amazing. She was totally coherent and had been still driving her 1970 yellow Thunderbird before her health issues started just before her 96th Birthday last September 17th. We loved her dearly. She wrote a “Hi Everybody” letter every week to many friends and relatives to keep everyone informed. She traveled over her lifetime and was extremely knowledgeable about art and history among other things. She had an incredible memory, way better than mine. We took care of her during the months until December when we brought her home so she could die there as she wanted. She asked us if it was OK. She was my husbands Mom’s sister and his closest living relative. We, of course, through tears told her yes. Just after she arrived home to live out her last 4 days or so she told my husband through his tears, “No long faces, only smiles! He told me that just after she passed. She was ready to move on, to go and be with her husband who had been gone for 30 years and had been a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. She was always a positive person which I believe attributed to her lengthy life. They had traveled to many places in the world. She loved to garden and learned much about flower arranging in Japan where she lived for many years. She grew beautiful cymbidiums for over 30 years and made lovely arrangements. She was extremely knowlegeable about everything and she donated her time in Pasadena working for The Huntington Museum and The Gamble House. She was such an influence on me throughout my adult life, and continues to be. I met her when I was in my early 20’s. She truly was an inspiration to all who met her. I will forever be blessed to have had her in my life. I purchased your bracelet and inscribed it with, “no long faces <3 only smiles" as she said to my husband at the end of her life. She left us with that sentiment and I know she meant it. Thank you for making jewelry that can express such special sentiments. It will always inspire me to be like Aunt Nancy as much as I can.

  2. I recently received the jumble of charms necklace as a gift —each one of the four has grandchilds name on it. It was on a 24 inch link chain. BUT I found it hard to fasten so took it to jeweler to put a claw clasp on it and a slightly larger o ring to hook
    My problems— although the o hook is still smaller than i would like , it will not go thru the o hook on each charm. The original o hook part of the clasp was same size as the chain link. I would suggest that the o on the top of each charm be a little larger to allow the clasp to go thru.. Maybe the o ring could be replaced with an oblong one. Suggestions—maybe put all charms on another larger o ring that the chain would pass thru.?

    I also ordered and received another necklace — the Open Circle Pearl necklace that was customized with names. I have the same 24 inch link chain and do not have the same problem with it as the O ring at the top of the circle is larger.

    I will have to come up with a solution—take the clasp off and put charms on and not be able to add more with out doing the same thing.

  3. I recieved my necklace today. It is so wonderful. I will always have my children and grandchildren closer to my heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♡

  4. I have 9 grandchildren and would love a necklace with all of their names. There are 3 families with 2 kids, 3 kids and 4 kids. Is this possible?

  5. Hello you art caught my eye I love ❤️ everything!
    Hello I just retired & am a hippie at heart.
    Hello would love to get a grandmother ring.
    Hello I have 7 they are my love & passion.
    Oh @ the love ❤️ of my life my husband Gary!
    I would really like to see your st up closer. It is certainly simple & beautiful!

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