Hello Me, Hello You

Hello friends!

Every Monday is a new beginning and a fresh start. This week as I sat down to write out some ‘hellos’ to greet the new week, a poem came out! So how about a hello poem for a new week?

Plum Goods, Santa Barbara {love this shop!}

Hello me
Hello you
Hello today

Hello something new

Hello fresh start
Hello beginning
Hello starting over
Hello coffee brimming

Hello deep breath
Hello feeling good
Hello hopeful
Hello sisterhood

Hello encouraging
Hello believing
Hello friendship
Hello love receiving

Hello together
Hello love giving
Hello side by side
Hello fully living

Hello happy
Hello sad
Hello angry
Hello glad

Hello victories
Hello mistakes
Hello forgiveness
Hello give and takes

Hello being me
Hello being you
Hello imperfect
Hello honest and true

Hello to what is
Hello what will be
Hello seeing clearly
Hello being free

Hello taking risks
Hello getting started
Hello fully present
Hello open hearted

Hello new day
Hello high or low
Hello stepping out
Hello here we go

Hello me
Hello you
Hello today
Hello something new

What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. I love this poem! Your writings are so meaningful and lovely. Do you have a book of your writings? I’m looking for an uplifting book or blog that I can read every morning to start my day off positive and focused on things that matter to me – family, God and healthy living. I am blessed to have found your blog. You are a gift.

  2. Hello to a new year of life for both you and I. Happy Birthday, Lisa! I’m pleased to share a birthday with someone as lovely as you! 🙂

  3. Lisa you are so gifted. I’ve just started to blog my journey with chronic pain. It’s called The joy comes in the morning. I have found joy in grieving as God is setting me free. I invite you to take a peek. I’m 55, mother of 3 amazing women. Most important to know is that Jesus broke into my life and lifted me from a pit , he has set my feet on the narrow path and l love him for it. Sounds like you know him. Blessings

  4. Hello new school year
    Hello fresh start
    Hello classroom set up
    Hello dreaming of possibilities
    Hello new challenges ahead
    Goodbye summer
    Hello fall

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