Hello friends!

Last week we did a photo shoot at a local bed and breakfast. It’s called ‘The Sanitarium’ and it’s been used as a private hospital, a frat house and now it’s been turned into a gorgeous place to stay. It’s so inspiring!

Soak in the photos and at the end I’ll share some hellos for a brand new week!

Hello plane ride! We are leaving Dallas today and flying back home.

Hello sniffles. David’s been sick and it’s no fun!

Hello soaking up time with my brother, his awesome wife and their twin girls.

Hello unpacking and laundry and needing to get the house in order.

Hello cereal for dinner.

Hello doctor visit. David is seeing his GI doctor this week.

Hello meetings.

Hello photo editing. I have some FUN stuff to share soon!

Hello brand new week. I’m not quite ready, but oh well, let’s do this!