new beginning and fresh start! {flying caballos}

Our weekend was so restful! Much, much needed! And it’s the first Monday in February. I can’t believe it’s February. Crazy! Today I’m sharing pictures from Flying Caballos Ranch where we did a photo shoot last week. Next week I’ll be showing you the full shoot–but I wanted you to see what a lovely property it is. It’s so sweet, I wish I lived there!

How about some hellos for a brand new week?

Hello haircut. I’m getting mine done today and I LOVE getting a haircut.

Hello meetings. This week is very meeting heavy. We’ve got planning to do and my schedule is full.

Hello sunshine. Today is supposed to be 70*. It’s still cold at night, but our days have been really lovely!

Hello new lens. I’m expecting a 35mm fixed lens to arrive in the mail any day. I can’t wait to try it.

Hello valentine’s day. Are you making or giving any valentines this year?

Hello book. I just finished Bespelling Jane Austen {Jane Austen but with vampires and witches–it was fun and not scary} and I just started this book. I’m on an Austen kick, I guess!

Hello nook! I wish I could curl up in this cozy corner with my new book.

Hello soup and grilled cheese for dinner tonight.

Hello all of us fighting a sniffle. I am so over all the bugs we’ve had this winter!!

Hello February! Hello new beginning. Hello fresh start!


  1. I LOVE my 35mm lens. Especially on a crop body, such a great lens. Although I just ordered the 5D so we’ll see how much I like it on that lol. As of right now we have no plans for Valentine’s day, hopefully that changes lol.


  2. Yay for haircut day! So relaxing.

    Hello to some busy days of meetings and kid stuff, and hello to a full weekend of Valentine making, a Valentine party, mother/daughter group, and a fun fund-raising event at the Glassy Baby studios in Seattle on Sunday! What a week!

  3. I’ve been reading a delightful young adult romance series that is a modern day spin off of the Jane Austen books. Quite fun and clean. I love it!

  4. Thanks for the lovely Monday morning post. I Just started reading a “jane austen” book too, Dear Mr. Darcy. Maybe I’ll try the titles you listed too.

  5. As always…beuatiful pictures…love the last picture of the flowers.
    You should make note cards from your photos…
    This week I am saying Happy Birthday to my daughter and to two good friends (both I’ve known over 30 years!).
    And Hello to one of the best times of year in Florida…bright blue skies, cool mornings and evenings…and LOVELY mild temperatures during the day.

  6. What a gorgeous house. I really want that bedstead! I have the 35mm prime lens – it’s fabulous, you’ll love it! Have a great week. 🙂

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