hello monday {link-up}

hello weeds popping up in our garden

hello lots of folded laundry {time to start putting it away}

hello scrambled eggs with cheese and morning coffee

hello happy, colorful hand soap

hello target down the street that’s way too tempting. waaaaay too tempting.

hello pumpkin spice candle making the house smell like fall

hello little birdie and my open circle bracelet

hello nana’s coming for a visit this week!

hello making a trip to our favorite mexican restaurant in morro bay

hello heat wave starting to subside

hello shorter days and waking up to dark skies

hello monday–let’s take it nice and slow. and maybe have a second cup of coffee.

what are you saying hello on the first day of this brand new week? link up in the comments section, too!


  1. It’s Tuesday here and I’m saying hello to:

    Beautiful!!!!! sapphire blue skies and sunshine

    Stunning flowers everywhere I look

    Lovely soil where I’m pulling out weeds

    Glorious weeds – hey they’re still plants! LOLOL

    My gorgeous pussycat who is hanging in their fairly well on steroids so far


  2. Hello to a happy feeling from a content weekend with old college friends in my old college town!
    Hello to my 2 year old peeing in the potty more every day (Oh, thank you!!!)!
    Hello to finally feeling my heart surrender to fall.
    Hello to a visit to the pumpkin patch!

  3. Hello,

    Just visited the Target in SLO a couple of weeks ago when I was in Morro Bay for a short visit. Absolutely love it!

    And my mouth is watering just hearing that your going to Taco Temple! They have the best food……

    Enjoy your week,

  4. Hello marvelous monday — hello to my birthday today and hello to my most fave gift this year from my daughter—- my new lisa leonard “feed your soul” necklace—love love love it! lots of admirers over my new necklace!

  5. Hello Monday!
    Hello Sunshine after a grey rainy weekend!
    Hello feeling Healthy again after having my gallbladder removed 10 days ago!
    And hello and thank you to you Lisa for making my Monday so cheerful with your beautiful pictures!

  6. I said hello to going back to work this morning after a week off, and because I was anxious, I made myself say this to God and k Him to help me. He did!

    Now I’m saying good afternoon to exercise.

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