hello monday {link-up}

hello day off

hello no school

hello lazy morning at nana’s house

hello blissdom {I leave Wednesday}

hello laundry

hello packing

hello grocery shopping

hello meal prep for my boys while I’m away

hello not ready to be away from them again

hello Lindsey, Jessica and Maggie–my blissdom roomies!! {The only one missing? Mique!!}

hello ready for some girl time

hello fun things to share this week

hello winner to announce from our instagram challenge!

hello big week with lots to do

hello monday! ready, set, go!

leave a comment and tell us what your week holds–or link up your own ‘hello monday’ post in the comments section.



  1. Hello to work even though many people thought we would be closed…resulting in a phone ringing non-stop this morning at the library.
    Hello to celebrating 30 years of marriage today!
    Hello to cooler weather…but still delightful.
    Hello to fun with friends tonight.

  2. Hello to a productive and fun weekend behind me with lots of house projects, fun house guests, and grading (done, thank goodness!). Hello to a fairly quiet week ahead. Hello to book club, a field trip to the bowling ally with Annabelle’s class, some roller skating, a musical, and my fave night of the year: the Oscars! It’s going to be a lovely, stress-free week. Starting now.


    Happy Travels, Lisa!

  3. Hello beautiful day off
    Hello breakfast for me from my kids
    Hello grocery store….here I come
    Hello rest of the day with my family!

  4. Hello birthday week (thursday)
    Hello snow (finally) in Vermont
    Hello new car (my first ever and happy birthday to me!)
    Hello sunny mornings and lighter evenings

  5. Hello Sunshine Monday…

    Hello Day off –> week off!! =}

    Hello bills to do.

    Hello day free to do.

    Hello to figure what for dinner.

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