hello monday {link up}

hello rainy days

hello cozy fireplace and blankets

hello hot cocoa and whip cream

hello new book to read

hello diy projects for christmas {can’t wait to share!}

hello starting to decorate for christmas–just a tiny bit

hello fall in love workshop this week

hello getting inspired and meeting new people

hello styling for photo shoots–it’s going to be beautiful!

hello getting excited about thanksgiving–next week? crazy!

hello starting off the week with groceries in the fridge, a menu planned and an empty dishwasher–love.

hello monday, this is going to be a crazy week. ready, set, go!

what are you saying hello to today? leave us a comment and share or link up in the comments section.


  1. Hello to a crazy-busy week! Thank goodness at least the floor is vacuumed! Hello to a much over-due library visit with the kids. Hello to reading lots of magazines since I just finished “Mockingjay” and need a break from books. Hello to “Author’s Night” at my daughter’s elementary tomorrow, which I’ve spent months planning. Hello to baking lots of cookies. Hello to the secret to a great cup of chai: a spoonful of caramel sauce! Hello to a visit to the dentist. Hello to my book club getting manis/pedis. Hello to my fave vintage shop downtown having their special after-hours holiday open house this weekend! Whew! It’s a doozie of a week!

    Have fun at your photo workshop, Lisa!

  2. Hello to getting the house and laundry cleaned, week of to-do lists done …but most importantly at the end of the week …hello Baltimore…hello bff…hello wine glass *clink* and a cheers to being together in real life! ..Chris Ann

  3. hello to a husband who is ripping out our bedroom of our 100 year old home. hello to keeping my 3 children…one a 9 month old…out of the construction. hello to trying to not be frustrated in this mess. hello to being thankful for all things and in all situations. hello to lisa…love your jewelry and blog!

  4. Hello, Monday. Ready for another roller coaster of a week. Hoping the building inspector gives us our final house inspection ok. Hoping that parent/teacher interviews go well. Hope that the cold that has ahold of each of us finally goes away. Hoping to have lots of patience.

  5. Good Morning Lisa,
    Love your Hellos šŸ™‚
    cozy fireplace and blankets,diy projects for christmas &
    styling for photo shoots ! How Fun !!!
    I’m saying Hello to a crisp but sunny Monday here in Canada ! Warm cup of mocha latte & a happy baby !
    I’m saying Hello on my blog to a new look in my lookbook ! Take a look !http://lookbookmeve.blogspot.com
    Enjoy the day & God Bless,

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