this weekend i bought some inexpensive glass candles {plain white} at the grocery store and decided to get creative!

this project is pretty darn easy and very low cost. and the candles placed together makes a great impact!

first i found a font i liked and enlarged it and printed out the word peace. i carefully cut around each letter to create a relief stencil.

then i tore some yellowed pages from an old book and decoupaged them onto the front of the candle.

for decoupage i used two parts white glue to one part water.

once the decoupaged paper was dry, i placed the cut out letter over the candle and carefully sponged black paint over the letter. then i extended the black paint to create a box shape. once i covered the area with black paint i removed the cut out letter.

Β with a few snowflakes and a vintage frame, it makes for a simple, pretty winter display.

i can’t believe next week is thanksgiving and then christmas is right around the corner. i’m so excited i can hardly stand it! we’ll put up our christmas tree right after thanksgiving. when do you put your tree up?