hello monday {giveaway closed}

Winners announced below!

Hello friends! It’s a new week and I have so much to share. Tomorrow we are introducing our newest line of jewelry and gifts that are filled to the tippy top with love. There are over 30 different pieces and seriously, I’ve never been so excited to introduce a line. The products are super unique and special. Here are some behind-the-scenes pics from our photo shoot last week.
So incredibly fun!

Let’s kick off the week with some hellos, and make sure to enter the giveaway below!
Hello lots of pics to edit, upload and get ready. We are working hard!

Hello Christan, our fabulous photographer {and so much more}

Hello Marijke and Hillary, our models. Marijke is our operations manager and Hillary works in customer service. Awesome girls.Hello sweet peas {some of my favorite flowers}

Hello sparkly nail polish

Hello sunny afternoons and a very chilly breezeHello packing for Thailand {it’s in the 90’s there}

Hello getting groceries and lists together for our friends who are babysitting

Hello planning a few blog posts just in case internet is spotty while we are travelingHello praying that David stays healthy while we are away

Hello getting ready to miss my boys terribly

Hello excited for some time away and being with my sweet husbandHello cupcakes {I had to taste one and make sure they were okay}

Hello seriously FUN and inspiring new products to share with you

Hello cake topper that has stolen my heart

Hello Monday! It’s a brand-new week with so much going on!

We are giving away a set of L-O-V-E cake toppers to TWO lucky readers. They are hand molded, hand-cast in fine pewter and absolutely darling. And they aren’t even available until tomorrow. Not planning a wedding? These are perfect for Valentine’s day, a bridal shower or birthday party.

Our randomly selected winners who will each recieve an L-O-V-E cake topper are…

Cami who said, “because ‘love’ is a word that you can never hear enough {or see enough}”


Alicia who said, “those are so special!!  I would use them to top the valentine pancakes (or anytime pancakes) of my 3 sweet boys and my absolutely loved-beyond-belief husband.  I don’t want a day to go by that they have to wonder how much they all mean to me.”

I absolutely loved hearing all your ideas for how to use them! Especially the pancakes idea and cheeses–so fun!

Cami and Alicia, I’ve emailed you! Thanks so much!


  1. I love to bake so I would use them for cupcakes & treats often but I think they would look fabulous in planters!

  2. oh, how would I use them?? With baking, for valentines, in little pots of flowers or herbs on my windowsill…so many choices!

  3. These are absolutely adorable! Once again, you hit the mark Lisa…you always do with all your creative ideas! Can’t wait to see the new line!

  4. I love them!!
    I would use them on Valentine’s cupcakes for my husband and two girls.
    Have a wonderful trip. πŸ™‚

  5. Excited to see the new line! I would use them to try to woo a guy! (And also put them on desserts I love baking for friends and family).

  6. I would love to use these on some desserts especially with valentines coming up or anytime I bake to show my family how much i love them. I think they would look great in a planter too.

  7. great shots! as for LOVE cupcake toppers, I’d use them for cupcakes for my family of 4! thanx for the inspiration and blog candy opp!

  8. Oh, I’d probably love it on some chocolate cupcakes, too. Although sticking it in our favorite plant for everyday use would be so fun too.

  9. I would use them at our monthly community meal at our church. We invite those who do not have enough and provide for them a good meal, small gifts, prayer, and celebrate God’s goodness with them!

  10. I love love love the new toppers… I would use it on so many things but first on a cake for my husband on valentines day!

  11. I would put them in an enlongated planter and plant some green grass and have them stick out of it. It would look great on my fireplace, and for holidays you can add colored easter eggs for Easter some american flags for fourth of July etc! Great for all seasons! So cute!

  12. I made a felt Valentine’s heartshaped wreath this year, the toppers would look fantastic mixed in with the deep red colors. Thanks for the chance, can’t wait to see the other new items!


    I think that since my 25th wedding anniversary is coming up, I would use them for cupcakes or a small cake to celebrate our special day. Where does the time go?


  14. I would use them to decorate a *just because* cake or cupcakes

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

  15. I think I’d surprise my fiance with some cupcakes with these on the top. I really think food might be one of the best gifts for guys…

    Then I’d use these for my wedding in September!! It’d be perfect as a cake topper or next to the cake…love, love, love it!!

  16. I am going home to Ireland this summer for my younger sister’s wedding. I’m so excited to share the special occasion with her, her fiancΓ©, our family & friends (I’ve not seen them since Christmas 2011). She has four bridesmaids, (including me, her matron of honor). My head just about burst with a million photo op ideas and sheer excitement of the happiness a surprise like these four, simple little letters, (that create such an enormous, profound word!) , could bring to my beautiful sister’s big day. Win or not, I’m overcome with hyper giddiness and excitement every time I think about getting on that plane to celebrate such a special time! Butterflies!! But, they would be an added bonus to the trip.

  17. These would make the perfect present for my daughter for her wedding anniversary – their theme was “love-love-love”.

  18. so cute! would love to use these on cupcakes for valentine’s day or an upcoming anniversary cake! thanks for the giveaway Lisa! =)

  19. I would use the cake toppers for my daughter’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any other day of the week just because who doesn’t love some love in their life πŸ™‚

    1. oops! I was so excited I didn’t follow directions….I would use them to show my family how much I love them on our Valentine’s goodies…

  20. I can’t wait to see your new line. I would use your cake toppers for my sweet daughter’s red velvet cupcakes. She’s a valentine’s day baby and it would be perfect. Have a loveyl trip with your husband.

  21. That cake topper is beautiful! I would use it for Valentine’s Day and perhaps on special days when my kids needed a pick-me-up, I would make cupcakes and have them waiting for them when they got home from school.

  22. I’m making my husband something yummy for Valentine’s Day (either a chocolate cake or salted chocolate chip cookies). This topper would look super cute on his gift! And then would be fun to use on other sweet surprises throughout the year!

  23. i dont know if I would use them on cakes- maybe in my garden or in a sea sponge in my bathroom, maybe hide them some where in the hospital that I work in and have someone find them and be deilighed- I like the unexpected- and is is always nice to find love in unexpected places

  24. Oh My…how I do love this cake topper. I think I would just have to use it for all sorts of things. My little guy is learning to wirte he’s got his name down pretty good. Now he’s learning to write I love you, I imagine how happy he would be to see this on top of his sandwich or just about anything. Can’t wait to see all the new things!

  25. I have so much to be thankful for and I have decided I really want to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day this year. I would like to do a special dinner for my family and these would make perfect toppers for the cupcake dessert!!!


  26. I would love to put those beautiful cake toppers in valentine’s cupcakes for all my boys. Your new products look beautiful!

  27. Hey Lisa! Would give them to one of the beautiful young ladies I know that are getting married this sumer (July and August)… they could use them for their bridal shower, wedding and special days in their future πŸ™‚ Megan

  28. I would use the beautiful toppers for cupcakes for my 4 boys for Valentine’s Day, and I would use them again on the beuatiful wedding cake I am making for my younger sister in May. She will be thrilled!

  29. I love them. I would use them for my two children every week. We always bake brownies or cakes or cupcakes and having something extra special would make their smiles even greater. I would also use them when my husband comes home from his travels in the navy on a sub. He’s gone so often that the kids and I always make him something big when he comes home. Why would you not use them whenever you can? Life’s little moments are the ones that matter most.

  30. I’m a bridesmaid for an incredible bride-to-be in just a few short months. One of the last details she’s still working on is the cake topper and this would be an ever so perfect gift for her!

  31. Sooooo cute! I would keep it and offer it to all my brides to use at their wedding or bridal shower. I would probably even use it myself a few times. LOVE

  32. I love your things!!!! I would love to use the LOVE toppers for Valentines cupcakes but also for my nephews bridal shower…..how fun would that be.
    I am doing a Dr Seuss day at school….do you still do the Oh the Places You’ll go necklace? That is our theme this year and just saw it on a blog.
    Thanks for such a fun giveaway, Jan

  33. I would make my daughter (Who LOVES) cupcakes and put those on the top because I love her! She would think that is the neatest thing ever!

  34. I love your designs! I would use the cake toppers for any special occasion (my sons birthday, hubbie birthday, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, and of course Christmas)
    Big hug,

  35. Since I am a cupcake freak, and love to bake them, I would use these LOVE cake toppers to decorate them. . . until my four kids eat ’em up and I have to make more! πŸ™‚

  36. These are so sweet. I would use them not only for cupcakes or cake, but for everyday with muffins etc.. for my family. Also when one of my kids has a rough day, I always make them hotdogs and would use them right in the hot dog (or steak for my husband πŸ™‚ )! Just another way to let them know how much they mean to me.

  37. I would use them to host my soon-to-be niece’s bridal shower, then present them as a gift to her. they are lovely…

  38. I would use them for a cake, and plan a party to show them off! Double chocolate fudge with Chocolate Cherry Ganache. Now, I’m hungry just thinking about it. Think I’ll make the cake anyway!!!

  39. My first grandbaby is on her way. “Love” will be our a big part of our vocabulary, and cupcakes will be a big part of our future baking , eating and making memories together time! LOVE it!!! and her!!!!

  40. My 15th wedding anniversary is approaching. I am blessed to be married to my true partner. Our family celebrates all holidays with markers of joy – I would love to add these to my collection. Here’s hoping I win, if not I guess I might just have to save some pennies and do some shopping!

  41. They’d be cute for Valentines day, anniversaries, & even birthdays….and with 5 of us in the family and many other extended family members that would mean they’d get used often….so please pick me!

  42. 4 cupcakes with perfect toppers = me + husband + 2 good friends . ( Then when we’re done I think they’ll look lovely on my mantle.)

  43. I would bake some yummy cupcakes and use the toppers to add some valentine flair…but I also think I would find a way to keep the
    out all year. Maybe in a cute pot with flowers!

  44. These would be great in the cupcakes for my little girl’s birthday (or in a stack of pancakes on Valentine’s Day).

  45. ohh… you are so creative! i love you stuff & look forward to what’s to come!

    those “l-o-v-e” toppers are adorable & i would use them on deserts like you show, but i would also use it in “presentation” for special dinner w/ my hubby… that would be so sweet. those are just so useful!

    p.s. have fun on your trip & safe travel to you!

  46. Those are adorable! I would put them in mini vases I have filled with colored sand and place them in our family room to enjoy all year ’round!

  47. linked up with you today for hello monday.

    you are going to thailand too! looking forward to reading about your (and lindsey’s) adventure. May God show himself to you and be glorified in and through you.

    pretty give away! hmm, how would i use it? cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, around the house, my flower girl’s wedding this summer!

  48. Cupcakes are always a favorite here – we are hoping for an adoptive placement soon and this would be great for a BABY SHOWER!!!!

  49. LOVE the cupcake toppers!! I would gift them to my sister-in-law who is getting married this summer and having cupcakes instead of a wedding cake… these would be adorable on top!!

  50. I would use the cake toppers L O V E for 4 different sized candles in my living room! That way they would be on permanent display and add harmony and a touch of warmth to my home πŸ™‚

  51. My son loves cupcakes so I would love to see the look on his face if he saw these and four cupcakes. Just a reminder to him how much he brightens my day!

  52. I am lucky enough to have a wedding in the family this year. My son and his fiance are getting married in August. The wedding is in our town, so I am involved in lots of the planning. 2011 was a tough year for me—my mom came to live with us for half the year, then she passed away at the end of Oct. I am excited that 2012 is filled with happy celebrations—I have two kids graduating college in May and the wedding in August!

  53. I have to know… where are the shoes from (in the top photo)? I have to have them… πŸ™‚

    The cake toppers are adorable. I love them!

  54. I would put them in some small plants on a shelf near my wedding photos. How cute would that be? Or in some jars full of candy?

  55. So cute!what a cute idea! I would use them for our anniversary, valentines day & everyone’s birthday & just because, because you can never show too much love! Have a great time in Thailand!

  56. I’d build some wooden blocks to place them in and send them to my Mr., who has moved on to our new home in Virginia while we have stayed behind in Arizona to sell our home. It would be nice for him to have a physical reminder of the love our little family has for him.

  57. I love those toppers! They would be great for those occasions when you need to show some love and support! Broken-hearted teenager? Bad day at the office? Nasty cold? Sorry I was crabby? And just because!
    Can’t wait to see the rest of your new products!

  58. I’d use those little toppers all over the place… pancakes or muffins for breakfast, stuck in a planter pot on my windowsill or a vase, dessert (of course), …. thanks or the chance to win.

  59. Hi πŸ™‚ I would use your beautiful cake toppers in mini plant pots πŸ™‚ I would want to see them everyday!!

  60. oh my goodness! I would use them as much as possible! sweet for valentine’s day, wedding showers, even cute little baby showers and birthdays!

  61. Oh how adorable are these letters! I would love to win them, so I can put them on a self made cake for my hubby’s birthday (or maybe for Valentine’s Day). Enjoy your trip!!
    Love, Inge x

  62. I would make my husband a cake and top it with LOVE, i’ve been married for 23 years and still love him as much as i did when we met πŸ™‚

  63. I would love to have these on some Gigi’s cupcakes (the best ever!) on Valentine’s Day waiting for my two little girls! Then after Valentines Day I think they should be displayed everyday in a potted plant that I have sitting near the sink!

  64. The twins have a birthday coming up. They adore anything little (as most 2year olds do) so I’m planning a cupcake tower for their cake. It would look adorable topped with LOVE πŸ™‚

  65. I would use these for celebrating half-birthdays, our anniversary,or any day just to cheer someone up. They are so wonderful; thank you for the chance to win.

  66. Oh! I love the new line! Adorable! And PICK ME PICK ME for the cake toppers! I think I would use them year around – not only for V day.

  67. oh my goodness how cute πŸ™‚

    I would use them for cupcakes for my sweet ones and then hopefully get to use them down the road for some wedding showers!!


  68. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t need a special occasion to use these…just putting them in my son’s pancakes in the morning would be reason enough!

  69. I would use them for my anniversary and then use them in a planter on my mantle- I think they would be soo cute poking out of the plant πŸ™‚ Soo many uses!

  70. Would use these to celebrate a saved marriage…two years of reconciliation and hope! Perfect for my Texas sheet cake. Once the cake is demolished, even better on the mantle between pictures of my boys (tucked into pretty vases and sand).

  71. One of my best friends just found out they get to adopt their first child in June. We are planning a party for her and these would be perfect, as they have so much love to give to this new child in their family! So sweet!

  72. How precious! I would use these for decorating cupcakes and cakes for my 8 (soon to be 10) grandchildren! Love baking and think these would be perfect! I also might use them in some fun arrangements!

  73. These would, for sure, look so cute incorporated into my bud vases with my grandpa’s fresh cut roses!!
    Roses+ grandpa’s+LOVE=happiness for my heart.

  74. I would use them for our anniversary coming up and of course Valentines day. and also would display them in my glass display case at other times. How beautiful!!

  75. I may use the toopers in an unconventional way by putting them in a flower pot or tuck the behind a picture frame on my gallery wall. Thanks for the chance to win, Lisa. I can’t wait to see your new line.

  76. I would use them on a cake – my kids would be so excited for me to make one that’s not for a birthday. A “Just Because” cake! Thanks – I love your work πŸ™‚

  77. i would use them for our baby girl’s birthday cupcakes for her first birthday which is arriving so soon! i can’t wait to see your new line, i’ve been pining for a piece of yours for so long.

  78. I have three boys (4 if you include my husband!) and they would love them in the cupcakes that I always make them for St. Valentine’s Day!!!
    A forever treasure indeed!

  79. These would, for sure, look so cute incorporated into my bud vases with my grandpa’s fresh cut garden roses!!! Roses, grandpa’s and love= happiness for my heart.

    1. Grandpa would love that idea! Or you could even put them in his rose garden! These would look fantastic with those peach colored roses he has! Love it!

  80. I’m excited to see the new products!

    I got engaged just before the holidays so the cake topper would be perfect for our 2013 wedding!

  81. oh lIsa I cant wait to see the new line. I have 3 of your pieces and I love them all. I would use these toppers for my anniversary. I have a friend who is a baker /photographer and I would love for her to make a cake for us and then take photos of us on our anniversary. this year will be year 15!!!

  82. Those are seriously too cute for words! My son is about to celebrate his golden birthday & he is full of LOVE! We would use them to let him know how much he has blessed our lives with “LOVE!”

    Have fun in Thailand! Can’t wait to hear all about it,

  83. I would “love” to win! I would use them for my twins’ 2nd birthday party. B/c let’s face it…is there anything more special than a mother’s love? πŸ™‚

  84. Hello Monday and a Happy Birthday to my sweet 4yr old girl! I would use these as every day decor. Maybe in a planter inside?? Have a wonderful week!


  85. Hello Lisa Leonard! Linking up to share the LOVE, which I would use to top a special cake that I would bake for my lovely wife, on a spontaneous, random day, just because! Great pics by your photographer btw.

  86. I would use the LOVE toppers for anything and everything – from cupcakes to flower pots…perfect little word to spread around. Looking forward to the new line!

  87. These are the cutest things ever! I LOVE them! I would so do a special batch for my kids’ bday. What a neat way to say I LOVE YOU!

  88. I would use them for sweet treats on Valentine’s Day. Each of my 3 kids would get a letter as well as my husband.

  89. I am doing wedding flowers for a friend of mine, and it would be neat to incorporate the letters in her bouquet – I am using silk flowers, so it would be a permanent arrangement that she could display in her home. Hope I win!!!
    A great idea, indeed!

  90. Magnifique!
    I would use it on my daugther’s nightstand.
    she has little bears made out of felt and I would stick the toppers in each one of them!

  91. it would be so cute to surprise my darling husband with these little flags in his dessert for valentine’s day!

  92. Love the toppers! I would use them for the holidays of course but I think I would also stick them into the back edge of candles for a table scape or in the corks on wine bottles as a center piece. I might even stick them in some decorative vintage bottles and put them in my art/scrapbooking room to inspire me! Beautiful product as always! Love!

  93. I would prepare cupcakes (bright pink) for my baby as her “first sugar” and take lots of pictures of her eating into them! So, so cute!

  94. I have two sons just like you and they are my world! I would use the cake toppers in there french toast sticks that they have every morning for breakfast and also on their birthdays. Plus I usually make heart shaped pancakes for them on V-day so that would be another good use. Love your creative creations!! Beautiful!

  95. Love the letter toppers. My middle son was born on Valentine’s Day! I would use them on his birthday cake and then give them as a keepsake to him when he is on his own. Just a reminder that we love him.

  96. Beautiful! I would totally use these for Valentine’s, birthdays, etc. – ok, probably, anytime my boys and I would bake!

  97. these cupcake toppers would be absolutely perfect for our backyard wedding in april! we are doing a dessert bar & these would look adorable as the focal point!

  98. The cake topper is too cute! I decorate cakes….I could use it for our personal cakes & also when I made cakes for others.

  99. So cute! I’d use them for Valentines decorating, Who says that they have to be on a cake! Then I could keep them out longer!

  100. Wait do I get a second entry if I do a link and a comment? Love the toppers seriously I’d stick them into little pots of flowers when they weren’t topping off a cake.

  101. so fun can’t wait to see ALL the new creations!!

    i would use the LOVE topper EVERYDAY – in all things baked and not – maybe use modling clay in vases and put them in vases!! so cute!


  102. I would use these for my red velvet cupcakes, my two year old loves them. My five year old would love the toppers!!!

  103. We love this new LoVE design!! Planning my daughters wedding an it would look great in centerpiece of the bridal table! My daughter loves vintage designs which we are trying to incorporate into her wedding!!! The cherish charm on bridal bouquet is such a beautiful touch!!! Gotta have that!!!

  104. One of my SonInLaws Birthday if Feb. 14th, I would use them for that & all our other family celebrations, Birthdays, anniversarys. Too Cute!!

  105. Such beautiful cake toppers… I would use them for family desserts so that they know how much I love and cherish them <3

  106. Oh the photoshoot looks so fun! I’d use those sweet caketoppers for my daughter Tallulah’s 1st birthday party coming up in April!! Love!

  107. I would use them for my daughter’s first birthday in May. She was born early and had to spend some time in the NICU, but has caught up with thise her age. She is so LOVED and CHERISHED by so many. Looking forward to the new line!

  108. I would give them as a gift to my “niece to be” She is getting married on June 23rd. Can’t wait to see more of your new line!!!!

  109. I love this! I would use the cake toppers to make a special Valentine’s treat for my hubby, who will deploy right before Valentine’s day…..:(

  110. these are so cute!! I’ll use it for V-day, since we are a family of 4 this will be perfect to top on a red velvet cupcake for each of us.

  111. These would be so cute to give as a wedding gift πŸ™‚ or to keep for birthdays & valentines!! Love and look forward to the new line!!!

  112. I would give them to my nephew for his upcoming wedding in March. They would love them. Thanks for doing this giveaway. Have a blessed day.

  113. I would give them to either of my sisters for their wedding cakes! and then politely ask if I could keep them for myself after… πŸ˜‰

  114. I love your cake toppers, but I plan on using them to stick in a potted plant, for a perfect Valentine gift : )

  115. I love the new Cherish bouquet token! My sweet hubs and I are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary on Saturday! His present is a private wine tasting at our home that will take place the week following our actual anniversary. For the wine tasting I’m making a Red Velvet cake using the exact recipe our baker used for our wedding cake. I can’t think of a more perfect way to top a simple cake than your beautiful pewter LOVE!

    Thank you!

  116. Ooh…I would use these little beauties for a bridal shower I’m throwing for a friend! So cute! Can’t wait to see the new line.

  117. THESE ARE SO CUTE LISA!!! I would use these for valentine’s day of course AND my daughters 11 birthday in february too! thanks!!

  118. As always, your work is beautiful. I get compliments all the time on my charm necklace.

    The LOVE toppers are perfect for a floral piece I’m working on: a rectangular ceramic dish filled with moss and dry floral foam. I plan on adding daisies (my favourite flower) and greenery, perhaps some tulips. As daisies were my bridal bouquet, the LOVE toppers would top it off, so to speak. Then again…you can’t top love.

  119. I would use them in a huge stack of pink heart shaped pancakes, my girls would be thrilled on. Day morning! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  120. I would one letter for each of my four kids to hold for a valentines picture! Then I think they would be cute in drinks as stirs!! I love your products and have a few and cherish them!!! What a great give away!!

  121. Oh wow Lisa – the cake topper is adorable. So perfect for any occasion. You could put them in little miniature flower arrangements, in oasis with mini candles and flowers, on top of a large cake or just small cupcakes…the ideas are endless. Thanks for the chance to win. Can’t wait to see your new releases.

  122. Can’t wait to see all the new pieces!

    I would use the L*O*V*E cake toppers for all the special and little occasions that happen in our family.

    Ace’d a test…? Here’s a special stack of pancakes with LOVE cake toppers.

    Finally learned the art of double knotting your shoe strings? Let’s celebrate with cupcakes and use the LOVE cake toppers!

  123. I just found you thru a friend on FB> Love your work. love your handmade little trinkets.. like that cherish one pictured above. I cherish each and every day. these cupcake toppers are awesome. My daughter went off to college and htese would be perfect to send her along with some scrumptous cupcakes to remind her that her family loves her very much and we are so proud of her. (she was granted a full scholarship to a college that is 15 hours away from home – she loves it there but does get homesick.. so this would be a wonderful reminded that she is LOVED> xoxo thankyou


  125. LOVE them β™₯! I would actually give them to one of my dear friends who is an awesome baker, best cupcakes around ~ they would look great & YUMMY on all her creations!!!

  126. Lisa,

    Your pieces are soo inspirational. I love all of them!!

    My son’s First birthday is coming up in three weeks, we are serving cupcakes. I think they are soo cute in little kids hands!
    I would LOVE to use your cake toppers to help decorate the party!

    L-O-V-E so an easy way to sum up the what the day represents!!

  127. Love them…I would use them for my kids on Valentine’s Day…I would decorate the table and use them as the center piece!!

  128. I would use the “love” cake toppers for dessert for my family just to remind them how special they are to me and to remind us all how important love is and to never take it for granted! πŸ™‚

  129. I can not wait to see your new line!!

    I would use the the LOVE topper for my yummy strawberry dessert I am making on Valentines Day!

  130. Wow! So excited to see the new products! Just in time for my sweets to get me something for V-day!
    I would love these cake toppers to use at a baby shower to celebrate my bestie’s baby girl coming in a few months!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  131. Beautiful… I love them! I would use them for the Valentine’s cupcakes that I bake for my daughter (10) every year! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! Have a wonderful day! πŸ™‚

  132. While I’m not planning my own wedding anytime soon, I’d probably lend them to my sister for her state-side reception in late August. Before then, however, I’d fill four mason jars full of coffee beans and use them to display love on my kitchen table!

  133. These would be wonderful on anything I make when the children and grandchildren are over! How clever, best wishes on your new line!

  134. The cake topper is fabulous! I would use them in a cake of course and I also love the idea of using them in garden planters!

  135. OOOO I just L-O-V-E them!
    Since Feb. 14 will be my 4 month anniversary, I will use them in heart shaped pancakes that I make in the am for my hubby. I love your items. I used the wedding cake topper and cake forks at my wedding and got my bridesmaids the stamped necklaces. I love your pieces! Congrats on all your new ones, I can’t wait to see them!

  136. I would use them for my daughter’s first Valentines Day! I received a beautiful bracelet that you made with her name and bday when she was born. Love your work!

  137. My niece is getting married in August and I would love to top both her cake and cupcakes at her bridal shower with your artwork!

  138. I would love to give these cake toppers to my daughter who is getting married in less than three months. I would encourage her to make special treats now and then for her husband just to let him know that he is special and loved.

  139. Well, I LOVE the L-O-V-E cake topper! As I have three children who are in their 20’s, I most certainly would use them for upcoming weddings (a mom can hope, right?!), birthdays, and any time I served my family a dessert baked with love (I don’t get to do that as much as I used to!).

  140. LOVE the LOVE cupcake toppers! Make a zillion cupcakes for birthdays for 3 grown kids, 2
    “new kids (the inlaws)” and 6 grandkids….these would make it an extra special birthday celebration! Inbetween birthdays I would display them in my painting room probably in a potted plant! Thanks for your generosity! Jean from South Jersey

  141. I have a couple friends getting married soon, and these would be perfect for their bridal showers!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff, can’t wait to see the new pieces!

  142. I would use the cake toppers for a dear friends upcoming baby shower! And then they would be used for my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend =) and the list could go on and on… =)

  143. Love love love these.
    Wish I could make some myself but alas you probably do it better.
    Would love to use them anywhere. Especially for birthdays valentines day and to celebrate upcoming anniversary and I would let our church use them for special occasions like baby showers and wedding showers.

  144. Would love to put them on a Valentine’s Day cake and then find someplace to put them so they would stay out all year long! So cute!

  145. Would love to use these as a more permanent home decor item…maybe add them to little pots/ribbon and leave them on my counter top.

  146. I am so excited to see the new line of jewelry! Is it tomorrow yet? Love, love, love the giveaway…….I would display them on my new mantel my husband built for me! They would look so cute tucked into some greenery! Have a wonderful vacation with your husband!

  147. Ahhh! Seriously cute! My niece is getting married and I am hosting a shower for her in May. This would look so very adorable on the cupcakes she has requested for the day!

  148. I would probably use them in cupcakes or valentine pancakes/waffles. I think they would also be cute on our mantle, perhaps in a few little bud vases to remind my boys how much I love them. Love the sweet peas, too.

  149. oh i LOVE it! and i would love to use it at my upcoming wedding! we’re having several small round cakes instead of one big one- and i just received the lisa leonard cake topper that i ordered for the cutting cake this past weekend. (it’s perfect, btw!) but i would love to have some more LL for one of the other cakes!

  150. Definitely for my daughter’s Saturday morning muffins!! She LOVES to make muffins together (and then have the whole family sit together to eat them), and is starting to get very excited about letters and spelling. Her face would light up at these πŸ™‚
    Bonus that they could be reused for special occasions like birthdays, valentine’s and anniversaries!!

  151. I would use them for my daughter’s 13th birthday party. I am planning a Cupcake Wars themed party and cake toppers would complete the look/theme.

  152. I LOVE the cake topper! I “love” to make unexpected times loverly, like Wednesday night dinners. I would use them for birthday, anniversary, & my cousins baby shower. I would store them on my mantle or in my gmas china cabinet. They are fabulous.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  153. Since my birthday is two days before Valentines Day, I’d make myself cupcakes and use your LOVE toppers in them. I also happen to be having a bit of a girl’s night out at my house that weekend, so it would be so fun to use these.

    *fingers crossed – hope I win*

    πŸ™‚ Hello to you this Monday.

  154. Those are adorable! I would use then for my best friends bridal shower that I am planning. She moved across the country to Chicago and is coming home for her shower in March. I think they would be adorable on the oink champagne cupcakes I plan to bake!

  155. to tell you the truth… I would use them just the way you did in cupcakes… we are having our 2nd annual valentines tea (we as in my friend and our girls) We had so much fun doing it last year… we are going to make it a tradition… would be nice to win something as cute as your topper to pass on to the girls when then get older and do it with their daughters.
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  156. for the usual family cakes…but would look so pretty on the kitchen herb pots! L-O-V-E in the kitchen everyday, yep.

  157. When wouldn’t I use these adorable things… I am a Matron of Honor coming up in June and I can see us using these for the Bridal Shower and again for the Wedding. AND Valentine’s, Birthday’s, Anniversary’s, JUST BECAUSE…

  158. Wow, I love these! Using these toppers on a special treat would be perfect to let family or friends know they are loved.

  159. Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVE the new L-O-V-E cake topper! I would use it for Valentine’s Day of course, but also for baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, etc. Thanks!

  160. those are so special!! I would use them to top the valentine pancakes (or anytime pancakes) of my 3 sweet boys and my absolutely loved-beyond-belief husband. I don’t want a day to go by that they have to wonder how much they all mean to me.

  161. very sweet!! … i am planning our annual valentines day dinner that we have for our closest friends… these would be perfect toppers for the chocolate pots de creme that i will be making and then i will share them with a friend who is getting married soon too!!

  162. on Valentine’s morning I make breakfast for my three children and we add a new element each year for surprise. These would make a great centerpiece to decorate their muffins or what ever treat I prepare. Since there are 4 pieces of the set, my wonderful husband would get a surprise this year. I can also use them again for our 17th wedding anniversary and also for each birthday. I See TONS of uses for these in the future

  163. I would use the love toppers in a valentine cheesecake for my valentine of 35 years-my precious husband!
    I promise to take a picture!

  164. Oh! Those are soooo cute! I love them! I know I would use them on special days in cake and brownies…but I would have to put them on display on my mantle too. I’m think some kind of little fake planter….they would be so cute! Love it! πŸ™‚

  165. Love this cake topper! I’d use it for my sweet girlies (ages 8 &11) as a surprise on muffins Valentine’s morning and then again on a yummy cake for our dinner! (There is also my anniversary, little nothings as a surprise, all sorts of reasons to use such cuteness!)

  166. i think i would get creative and use them somewhere that they could be displayed more permanently, like in a tub of planted grass on my mantle for spring….or something fun like that!

  167. Those cupcake toppers are so very sweet. Every Valentine’s day our family celebrates together, a special meal an even better dessert and some time sharing all that we love about each other. We even write it down so that we can be reminded throughout the year. I would use the toppers for red velvet cupcakes for my four lovelies, (kiddos). They would go bananas over them!

  168. Every year we celebrate the day that our daughter arrived on the airplane from South Korea. Since it is at the end of January, I often use lots of red and pink hearts to decorate and have fun with the LOVE we have for Megan. I am so blessed to be her mama and she is a perfect fit for our family of five!

  169. I can’t wait to see the new products…I’m sure I’ll have quite the wishlist! The cupcake toppers are so sweet! I know I’d use them for Valentine’s day & other times that my husband or kids just need to know they’re loved…when not in use for a goody I’d probably stick them in a container so that they’d still be seen (I couldn’t bear to stick them away πŸ˜‰ ). I hope your time in Thailand is restoring, romantic & refreshing!

  170. Two of my kids have February birthdays – I would love (ha!) to put these beautiful letters in their cupcakes (or pie as the case will be for one)! xo

  171. How sweet! I would use them for everything – a cake topper, a Valentine’s centerpiece, in plants, hidden in unexpected places around my house… who doesn’t need a little surprise love here and there?

  172. So cute. I would use it for Valentine’s as a decoration or to top a dessert. Also perhaps for our 10th anniversary this year and maybe even some birthdays. Thanks for the chance to win.

  173. These toppers are so cute! My son’s first birthday is in March and they would be perfect for his cupcake display. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  174. I would use them for our famiy of four’s birthdays. I, like you, have two boys and I am always finding ways to tell my boys how much I love them. And I love finding things, that represent the four of us. L-O-V-E, four letters, how perfect!

  175. a LOVE topper is perfect for any day, no?! But I do have a friend who just got engaged, so it’d be a great gift for her. Thanks for the giveaway!

  176. Iwill fill up votive candles with hearts candy and put them on the top of each votime since my girl cant have cake for her allergies

  177. After using it in a cake or cupcake I think I would then use them as decoration–fill up some old jam jars with rice or beans and place them up on the mantel (so the kids don’t get them) or up high on a window sill to remind me how much I am loved.

  178. can’t wait to see the new line ! Would love these cake toppers for year round use to remind us of our blessings.
    Have a great trip and hope kids stay healthy.

  179. I have a pot in my kitchen with that I plant flowers in year round…. I would love to use the letters to stick in the pot!Then I can wash them and use them for other things too! πŸ™‚

  180. What cuties! I’d love those cake toppers — I’d use them for a family cake, for the 4th grade Valentines’ Day party I’m planning, for an anniversary dinner with my sweet husband.

  181. I would use those for my wedding. Can’t wait to see your new line! Safe travels to Thailand!

    P.S. I just ordered your Custom Cake Forks last week and had a question regarding them. Hillary was awesome. πŸ™‚

  182. I would use them for my besties wedding coming up!!! She’s doing cupcakes instead of a traditional cake, and these would be AMAZING! (as are all of the things that you do!)

  183. How lovely. I would use them in cakes, cupcakes, cheeses! I am sure I could find a way to work them into part of the every day decor.

  184. So fun! I would use the LOVE cupcake toppers on a cake/cupcakes for my parents on Valentine’s Day.
    My Dad is 88 and my Mom 86…they will celebrate their
    60th Wedding Anniversary this year…that’s L O V E!

  185. Oh I absolutely adore your new cake toppers – they are gorgeous! I would definitely use them for my best friend’s 40th birthday! I love your blog!

  186. Love these! I would find a way to use them just about everyday! Cupcakes, muffins, cake, brownies – you name it and I would put these on it!!!

  187. okay – I want to know where the dresses the models are wearing were purchased!! πŸ™‚ looking forward to your new line, also!

  188. Hi Lisa I love the cake toppers I would def use them in every cake I make but also putting them in potted plants would be fun! Have a great Monday! πŸ™‚

  189. I love the toppers. I would make them an interior decoration, would put each one in a different colored yarn and decorate a shelve, or stick them in the bins full of colored pencils. And sometimes i would use them for cupcakes too. πŸ™‚

  190. Oh I would love to use these precious little letters on cakes, cupcakes, a breakfast Birthday burrito…hey why not! Here’s to hoping!

  191. that is just beautiful! my sweet youngest daughter has a birthday just before valentine’s day and I think it would be a wonderful way to make her cupcakes or cake look extra special…

  192. Can’t wait for the new stuff!! I would give a cake topper to my dear friend who recently got engaged, to be married this July!

  193. What a wonderful give away!!! My daughter is getting Married on 7/6/12 and my niece on 9/14/12. I would love to have these cake toppers for the bridal showers that we are planning for both of these sweet brides. My daughter is so special to me. Her and her fiance blessed us with a grandson last March, this has been such a blessing at a time when my entire family was grieving the loss of my only brother. These two people have embraced this son with loving arms and have united as a family, they have planned this marriage to show their love for one another and to pass this love to their son!!
    Have fun in Thialand…my daughter went on a Mission trip 5 years ago to Thialand and had a wonderful insightful time.


  194. Such a creative bunch!

    I love to make pancakes for my wife on the weekends…these toppers would be cool on a stack of pancakes and would bring such a smile to her face!

  195. Our family has a fun Valentines party with our closest friends every year, these would be a really fun addition!

  196. Beautiful cake topper, Lisa. I would use it for Valentine’s Day cupcakes, and after Valentine’s Day, I would stick them in a group of potted herbs so I could enjoy them year-round. Thanks for the giveaway!

  197. Awesome! I would use this “LOVE” for many things & times BUT this Valentines Day is very SPECIAL for me to use them! It will be the first Valentines Day spent together since my Husbands Open Heart surgery 4 months ago!!! This month is my sons (Feb. 5) Birthday, my middle Grandsons (Feb. 9) Birthday and my (Feb. 6) Birthday! L O V E all around this month and many many more to use the LOVE cake toppers! We can start any day with LOVE this way!!

  198. I’d use them when my husband comes home. He travels a lot and that would be a cute “welcome home”!

    Then I’d use them on anything else I could think of. πŸ˜‰

  199. these are so lovely… right now i am picturing them on a homemade cake baked for my husband for our upcoming 15th wedding anniversary πŸ™‚

  200. Lovely shots! I cannot wait to see the new line! I would use your sweet cake topper for all of our family celebrations and get togethers. They are perfect!

  201. Cant wait to see all the new items! The first thing that comes to mind for the cupcake toppers is my sister in laws wedding/shower. You could so use these for so many different ocassion! Love them!

  202. I LOVE it! I would use it on my daughter’s wedding cake. She is getting married March 31st. Thanks for the giveaway!

  203. Such pretty shots. Can’t wait to see them all.

    That cake topper is so fun! My daughter’s birthday is February 15, my son’s February 20. We focus on love a great deal around here in February. I would put them to good use. (Rebekah calls February her birthday month and she means it!)

  204. Looks like so much fun! I would use the cake toppers for any special occasion but while not in use, would store them in garden planters. Of course, I’d clean them off before putting them in food again!

  205. I’m baking a cheesecake tomorrow; a family recipe that everyone loves. But your lovely cake toppers would look so welcoming in our front porch planter. Have a wonderful time in Thailand.

  206. Beautiful shots! I’d use the LOVE toppers not for a cake but for my fabulous Jons Valentines day breakfast bacon butty! He’s a builder and I know the direct route to his heart!!!
    Good luck with the trip! xx

  207. Looking forward to seeing your new pieces. I understand why you love the new cake topper it is awesome. I would use it to celebrate the small little things I love. This is a focus/habit I have been sharing with my 9 year on a daily basis since my husband/her father died (4 years ago tomorrow). He use to tell us both LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS. When life gives your journey an unexpected curve you have to focus on the small lovely moments that make you smile. Your cake topper made me smile.

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