Hello friends! I am so incredibly excited to share our new products with you! I’ve picked out a few of my favorites–but there are so many, you’ll just have to browse around the shop to see them all.
Is this not the most adorable necklace ever? A mama deer and baby deer touch noses in a sweet moment. See the ‘my dear necklace’ here.

These petite bubble wands are perfect for a bridal shower or wedding. They are sold in sets of 8 and they really work! Tie them around a glass jar for a sweet favor. Check out the petite bubble wands here.

Oh my goodness. This necklace makes me smile! Sun rays are bursting out of our hand-crafted cloud pendant. Check out the ‘my sunshine necklace’ here.

This ‘true love cake topper’ is an adorable addition to any wedding or bridal shower. I love it’s simple, organic feel! You’ll find the true love cake topper here.

Capture the light with these hand-cut crystals. I plan to wear this necklace for an evening out or with a dress and boots. Beautiful. See the capture the light necklace here.

So exciting right? I’ll share more products in the coming days–but for now, tell me what speaks to your heart!