hello monday {blissdom edition}

Phew, Monday morning after a very full five days at Blissdom. I’m definitely gonna need more coffee this morning! Here are some highlights from the weekend.Hello breakfast in the Magnolia lobby by the fireplace. So good to be with friends!

Hello pretty posies from Lindsey at  the Pleated Poppy.

Hello wooden teethers and rattles from Amy of Little Alouette

Hello felt lovelies {that make any outfit brighter} from Jessica at Allora Handmade.

Hello happy colors from Maggie of Gussy Sews.

Hello sunshine from my shop.

Hello Opryland. I’m pretty sure I did enough walking to work off all those pastries and gelato. Hopefully?

Hello friends. These are my girls. Love all three of them so much.

Hello laughing and trying to scream over the incredibly loud music. Complaining about the volume? Yes, I’m old.

Hello disco ball.

Hello Lucrecer of Art Slam and Maya of Think Maya {and that Jessica from Allora next to me}

Hello paper lanterns. One evening there was a Lorax party and the decor was amazing!

Hello RASCAL FLATTS! I love that band!! so fun to see them play live.

Hello Abbie from Secondhand or Bare Bottom {adorable} and Mandy of Biblical Homemaking {love}.

Hello little necklace strung around so many necks. Such an honor to create this with the Blissdom gals!

Hello mirror mirror. That’s Jenny on the Spot and Casey from Moosh in Indy.

Wow! That was a lot to take in right? And now I’m home and up after a good night’s sleep.

Hello Monday morning. Hello cinnamon rolls and eggs. Hello rainy day. Hello grocery shopping {if we want to eat, I’m going to have to get groceries!} Hello family–I’ve missed you terribly!

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave a comment or link up your own Hello Monday post in the comments section.


  1. I was stalking the insta*grams, it was kinda like being there, definatly not as loud, ;0)
    I am going to do my darnedest to get there next year, it looked like WAY to much fun to miss!

  2. Your weekend was much more exciting than mine…looks like a great conference. It must be great to be around all those creative people! Loved the picture of people taking pictures…they’re always fun.

  3. Hello! What a blast you had in Nashville!

    Hello to feeling accomplished after a weekend of un-scheduling. Hello, visiting friends and family as we deliver Girl Scout cookies! Hello to seeing my Yayas for a big playdate on Thursday! Can’t wait! Hello to my girls spending two nights away this week. Win-win! Hello to hopefully finally seeing “The Descendants.”

  4. Gosh it was a joy to see you… never enough at those crazy conferences, but a joy at every pass and squeeze 🙂 P.S. Almighty GOODNESS you sure can werk a camera! Lovely pictures, as always…. xoxo…

    1. So good to see you too Miss Jenny! And thanks for your kind words about the pictures–that means so much!! xo

  5. How did we not get a picture? I love seeing you and glad we had time together this year, even if it’s never enough.

    I’m still wearing my necklace nd I love it so so much.

  6. This week I will say “hello” to my midwife and her assistants as they come for my prenatal/homevisit to prepare for my upcoming homebirth. Its hard to believe I am 35 weeks along this week!

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