best advice in shopping obsession {whimsy antiques, carpinteria, ca}

One of my favorite places to meet up with my sister is in Carpinteria, CA {it’s just south of Santa Barbara}. And while we’re there, we always shop at the adorable Whimsy Antiques. They have lovely things and the displays inspire me.While we browsed I asked Karen, the owner of Whimsy Antiques if she had any tips for shopping for vintage clothing. Here’s what she said…

1. Find something that speaks to your heart

2. Try it on and make sure it’s comfortable {avoid stiff fabrics}

3. If clothing has a stain, that doesn’t rule it out, but make sure it’s priced accordingly. If you love the dress, you might be willing to put up with a small stain or slight discoloration.

4. Be cautious of faulty zippers or something that requires too much altering. These can add significant costs to the piece.

5. Mix your vintage finds with modern pieces you already own for a fresh look.

6. Know your measurements and try on garments whenever possible. Sizing for vintage clothing is very different than our clothing sizes now.

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Isn’t vintage fun? If you and I were going shopping tomorrow, would you rather find the most amazing vintage painting or the perfect vintage dress?


  1. I used to hate antique shops when I was little & my mom dragged me into them on the weekends but now I’d go nuts taking pictures of all the amazing vintage things!

  2. lisa, we love whimsy too, i can find a handful in the photos that i need! their garden store is also amazing. the question of the day is the most unfair question. the sun would set before i could decide. xoxo

  3. I would definitely go for the painting. I’ve always wanted to have a gallery of vintage art and I finally did it! I just finished hanging my goodies in our hallway. None of my “pieces” are particularly valuable, but I have loved hunting for each of them.

  4. painting! I’m trying to be healthier, and wouldn’t want to be discouraged by dresses that were too small. I love your blog, and hope to one day own something of your gorgeous jewelry. You get it right, every time!

    Have a lovely Tuesday,
    Barbie F.

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