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walking the golden gate bridge

July 31st | adventures

I was in San Francisco a couple weekends ago to celebrate my friend Brenda’s 40th birthday. Brenda and Jen are my coffee girls. We meet every week for coffee and girl talk. Or we meet every week for therapy–I guess it’a all about how you look at it, right? These girls are my tell-anything-and-know-you’re-accepted friends.

Somehow, in the midst of kids and life’s craziness, we were all able to sneak away for a weekend and soak up San Francisco. It was a blast. We walked across the golden gate bridge. I’ve never done that before–and it was beautiful!

I’m so thankful for these girls. If good friends are a treasure, then these girls are pure gold.

Happy 40th Brenda!

Have you had time to sneak away with a friend lately or catch up over a cup of coffee?

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  1. Meghan Hall says:

    Wonderful pictures of the bridge. I have not gotten away lately but I am planning at girls night out or an afternoon lunch soon with one of my besties!

  2. Jan says:

    Wonderful place, great pics! I am in the UK and have very fond memories of driving over the Golden Gate in a convertible Mustang over 10 years ago. Also walked across the bridge too! It’s a place that makes me smile!

    I am going to catch up with my oldest friend in a couple of weeks – in Canada! Off on holiday with the family to NYC, Washington and Buckhorn ON. Looking forward to girly chat, sitting on the deck at her place, in the sun!

  3. Brenda says:

    Love YOU Lisa!
    And these pictures you shot are amazing! We sure were blessed with perfect weather.

  4. Aimee S. says:

    Sounds like the perfect weekend! I’ll be in San Fran for 5 days in October with some friends for the Nike Women’s Marathon. I have never been to SF, nor have I been to California! Such a treat for me and I’m looking forward to it. :)

  5. Sandra says:

    What a perfect wknd!
    Love the photos.
    I have dreams of one of these winds someday….
    Until then I’m grateful for craziness.
    Good for you!!

  6. Karen Littlejohn says:

    My hubby and I have biked the bridge before and then rode into Saulsalito and took the ferry back to San Fran. It was so much fun and nothing like we had ever done before. Next time you visit San Fran you have to do it! I am actually sneaking away today for girlfriend time at my friend’s pool. Lunch, floats, iced tea, lots of girl talk, and magazines…plus the sweltering heat of our Texas summer. :)

  7. Kelly says:

    Oh Lisa! I love seeing the world through your eyes! I’ve been following your blog for 3 years now and remember when you started getting into photography. As a photo enthusiast just starting out, it is inspiring to see how your talent has grown!
    You exude a soft elegance to everything you create and every photo you take. Watching your children grow has been so sweet, seeing your support of thier individual perosnalities and the different ways they express their creativity is just admirable.

    And your smile and eyes…girl….would love to photograph your beauty!

    Have a great weekend!!

  8. Jennifer says:

    I love those photos – I’ve been to SF 5 times and never seen the bridge – always too foggy!

    I’m part of a girl’s club called “Glass Half Full Club” – we are going away for a night at the end of August. I live in Perth, Western Australia, so we’re just ducking down to Fremantle for 24 hours of girl fun. We’re doing the underground Prison tour, dinner out somewhere great where we don’t have to cook or do the dishes, sleeping in and a leisurely breakfast along the foreshore. Can’t wait!

  9. Lynn says:

    My daughter carried a lovely bouquet token at her wedding in Scotland one year ago this week! Time flies!

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