Last week I spotted an invitation on Facebook for a barn sale. While I’m always interested in some good vintage junking–I think I was even more curious to be able to see the inside of this barn. It’s located on Los Osos Valley Road and I used to drive by it every day when we lived in Los Osos. It’s an awesome pink-red color and totally charming. The barn didn’t disappoint and I even ended up with a few fun paintings!

How about some hellos for a brand new week?

Hello green fields, blue skies and spring making it’s way into our lives. And that’s just fine with me!

Hello standing outside. Wondering what’s inside. Hello treasures waiting to be uncovered.

Hello little white lights. Oh how I love little white lights.

Hello coffee can. The color is awesome. The brushes are awesome. The whole thing inspires me.

Hello dishes. I do not need more dishes. I need less dishes. But they are so pretty.

Hello memories. I had this lunchbox. I remember how strawberry shortcake smelled–do you?!

Hello old paintings. Texture, color and imagination.

Hello metal ceiling. I would love to hang out here on a rainy day. Of course I’d need a cup of cocoa and a cozy spot to hang out and read a book.

Hello picnic basket, waiting to be packed with fresh fruit, cheese and crackers and taken on an adventure.

Hello end of spring break. Hello back to school for the boys!

Hello blurry background. Can you see that tiny barn back there?

Hello creating. I’m working on designing some new things this week and that makes me happy.

Hello meetings and planning. Oh so many meetings and so much planning!

Hello April. What?! Seriously?!

Hello catching up with old friends who are visiting this week. Yay!