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hello monday

June 27th | hello monday

hello lazy mornings

hello playing at the beach

hello mom {me} who’s trying to work and play–it gets a little crazy!

hello friends passing through town

hello washing sheets to prepare for our next set of summer guests

hello baylee whose is babysitting this summer and is SUCH a blessing

hello treasures found on the shore

hello thrifty’s ice cream on a summer day

hello kids who have endless energy during the day and sleep hard at night

hello running intoΒ  blog world friends in unexpected places {hi sonja!}

hello shoes filled with sand and salty hair

hello matthias starts zoo camp this week

hello fresh fruit stands with the sweetest strawberries

hello BBQ hot dogs and homemade cobbler

hello monday! it’s a new week of summer and we are loving it!

what are you saying hello to today?

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  1. rachel says:

    I’m stopping by from LMM!

  2. Hannah Osborn says:

    I love love love the new devoted bracelet! I just got married 6.18.11 and am totally going to buy one for myself if I dont win it through LMM : )

  3. Danielle Warren says:

    Now that is what Mondays should be! Thank you for having us look at Mondays in a different light! Btw Little Miss Momma sent me over!

  4. Sarah @ This Crazy Blessed Life says:

    Stopping by from LMM! I love your work :)

  5. laura says:

    I love those fruit stand signs! Visiting my LMM.

  6. Janette says:

    Big fan of your site and jewelry… well, home decor too. Stopping by from LMM blog! :) But I’m here anyway on a weekly basis :)

  7. Danielle D. says:

    Here from LMM. I’m saying hello to food cravings and my growing (pregnant) body.

  8. lala says:

    Visiting from LMM. I’m saying hello to potential job opportunities. I have a job interview for a teaching position.

  9. Jennifer Ping says:

    Hello and Happy Monday! Found you through LMM!

  10. Stopping by from LMM….I absolutely LOVE your jewelry. Your heartstrings necklace is my favorite!!

  11. Rebecca T. says:

    Neat blog! LMM sent me!

  12. Kristen W. says:

    Hello to my last morning this trip to my best friend and cousin! I had the most amazing weekend with her and I cannot wait to see her again at Christmas!
    Hello to a fun, short week and a super fun weekend next for the 4th!
    Hello from LMM!

  13. Erica says:

    I love how fresh this time of year is. What a beautiful hello monday post. :) I’m a follower anyways, but am entering the giveaway at LMM.

  14. Becky K. says:

    Love the heart relief in the pebbles! And Thrifty’s ice cream IS the best!!

    Hello catching up with an old college friend.
    Hello to more freckles on my little boys’ faces…some etched by the sun, others by backyard dirt.

  15. Stephanie says:

    I just love your blog! I’m coming from LMM.

  16. Jessica says:

    I am here from LLM : ) What a sweet blog! You are so creative!

  17. Corrie says:

    Stoppin’ by from LMM. And for the record…I enjoy your WIWW. :o)

  18. This post makes me so happy on a Monday morning. I so wish we lived by the beach, you’re lucky to get to enjoy that.
    Hello to 95 temps in the desert. Hello to the pool! :)

  19. Sarah says:

    I’m saying hello to my last week of work and grad class for awhile! (I’m so excited!)

  20. Johnell says:

    LMM sent me! I LOVE your stuff! Can’t wait to find something to order!

  21. Jeana Anderson says:

    Hello Monday from LMM – Love love you Lisa – you have great style

  22. Lisa says:

    I’m saying Hello to you!! LMM sent me!! πŸ˜€ Hope your day is sunny and fantastic!!

  23. Beth says:

    Stopping by to say hello my LMM blog and as always I absolutely adore your blog!

  24. Noelle White says:

    Lisa, I am waking up to that overnight blueberry french toast recipe you posted the other day….My poor husband was dragging his feet trying to get out the door after devouring it for breakfast…it is awesome! Thanks for the idea : )

  25. Tia Long says:

    Hello homemade cobbler is right! Made a peach one yesterday! Love your new designs! Stopping from LMM. :)

  26. amie says:

    LMM sent me, Love your blog

  27. I am a huge fan, but never comment! I love your work, especially the simple bird necklace. Visiting today from LMM. Thanks!

  28. Laura says:

    Good morning Lisa :) I always enjoy coming here on Monday mornings! Today I’m looking forward to a husband who is finally getting help with some things he has been going through. And a home inspection {yay- gotta love military life!} This week will be great since we are finally getting with the times and bought new smart phones! Can’t wait to join the link party Fridays now πŸ˜‰

    Have a great week!

  29. Lis says:

    Stopping by from LMM! :)

  30. Amanda says:

    Stopping by from LMM to say hi! Love your summer list!

  31. Bree says:

    I’m saying hello to you!! LMM sent me over and I’m already coveting your jewelry pretty bad!! :)

  32. Marcy says:

    Stopping by from LMM. Happy Monday!

  33. Ashley Blasdell says:

    Beautiful pictures! Stopping by from LMM!

  34. LinhC says:

    Have loved your jewelry for a long time! I’m visiting from LMM.

  35. Kendall says:

    Stopping by from LMM! Just received my first LL piece – the faith and love necklace! I just adore it! :) I love ALL of the new summer pieces!!!

  36. Laura says:

    Just stopping by to say good morning from Little Miss Momma!

  37. Amy F says:

    I hear that Baylee girl is pretty amazing! πŸ˜‰
    Looks like you guys are having fun! Love you!

  38. Lynn says:

    Stopping by from LMM….love your summer pieces!

  39. Sandi says:

    Your Blog is always the one I look forward to, especially on Monday mornings! It always puts a smile on my face!

    I’m saying hello Monday to the first day the kids and I got to sleep in!

    Hello to a great Sunday I spent with my youngest son, Sheldon fishing at the lake yesterday!

    Hello to my son Greyson who got his first home run all season! I was so happy for him!

    Hello to my daughter, Savannah who I am missing so much, and who is heading to Morro Bay this morning….(I’m so jealous)

    Hello Monday looking forward to a new week and saying good bye to the fabulous weekend we had!

    Have a great week Lisa!


  40. Cheryl Rodda says:

    Came here from little miss momma… love the bracelet…my DH and my anniversary is July 3rd… this would be a great way to say I love you…to win a great bracelet… I would even let him wrap it and pretend he won it…LOL
    Thanks for the chance to win…

  41. Jani says:

    Hello to a phone call from a sweet friend to start the day.
    Hello to canceled swim lesson because of rain and a disappointed child.
    Hello to the sound of rain on the roof — very relaxing.
    Hello to still being in our pajamas at almost 11am.
    Hello to hearing my daughter practice guitar.
    Hello to trying new recipes.
    Hello to curling up with a book or movie.
    Hello to having the itch to create something today :)
    Hello to SUMMER MONDAYS with a more relaxing pace.

  42. Jessica says:

    I’m loving your adorable jewelry that you make!! I’m visiting from Little Miss Mama blog :)

  43. Love love love your stuff… visiting from LMM! Orangies Attic

  44. Lori Wilson says:

    I came over from LMM!

  45. Amanda says:

    Hello to and warm sunny day (that has been so rare in Washington lately!) I came over from LMM!

  46. Carissa says:

    Hello WORK. Oh my gosh a WHOLE weekend off!!! YAY me! :)

    I LOVE the white flower photo. WHAT was that? I stumble THAT!

  47. Would love to win the LittleMissMomma contest. I am completely in love with almost everything you do! The devoted bracelet is my #1 and my #2 fav must be the numbered necklace. Thanks!

  48. Stacey says:

    Visiting from LMM!

  49. Joni says:

    Stopping by from Little Miss Momma!! all of your stuff!

  50. Amy says:

    Saying hello from LMM today!

  51. Lauren says:

    Such pretty pictures! Here from LMM

  52. Karen H says:

    Hello to new family room in basement!
    Hello new wall color in kitchen!
    Hello mowing the lawn because our tractor is finally fixed!
    Hello nephew from L.A. in for a visit!
    Hello Tiger’s Baseball game!
    Hello best-friend visiting from Jersey!
    Hello bday party for a pretty princess!
    Hello Independence Day weekend… thank you to all the men and women that keep us safe!
    Hello Lisa Leonard Blog that I look forward to everyday!

  53. shannon says:

    Hello Monday! what an awesome post. stopping by from LMM

  54. Shannon says:

    LOVE the LOVE bracelet!!! Saw your jewelry on LMM :)

  55. Kristine says:

    Hi Lisa! Stopping by from the adorable LMM! I love the devoted’s on my wishlist for out 8th anniversary coming up 8.9.11! Happy Summer!

  56. Jen B. says:

    I’m saying hello to YOU! (from LMM) :)

    Love this post – so beachy and calm. Sounds like you are having a great summer so far!

  57. Cassie says:

    Hey Lisa! I’m stopping by from Little Miss Momma! I love your jewlery, you are so very talented! Have a greatday!

  58. Hello to swimming lessons
    Hello to having a pool party with family this week
    Hello to seeing Cars 2 today!

    I love your shop and blog and you! Stopping by today from LMM!

  59. Jessica Ricks says:

    Here from LMM saying hi! What a beautiful blog!

  60. shapewear says:

    These pictures are very lovely. Came from LMM

  61. Stopping by from LMM. Love your jewelry. I have one of your necklaces with a square letter and pearl from my adult children. I really love your “connect & create charm bracelet”–would love one with my grandkids’ names!!

  62. Carmen Bath says:

    Hi! I stopped by at LMM and just loved the bracelet she was wearing from your shop! Sooooo pretty! :)

  63. Lexi says:

    Stopping by from LMM! LOVE the gorgeous Devoted Bracelet! We are newlyweds married on March 24th <3

  64. wendy says:

    Hello starting up my workout routine again…
    Hello yet another cloudy day…
    Hello blue toenails…
    Hello Lisa Leonard blog!!! (via LMM)

  65. Saying hello to some fun Anthro inspired vintage towels I made over the weekend. Now off to hunt for some more to refashion:)Have a wonderful week sweet bloggy friend!

  66. CHI says:

    Hello College World Series Baseball… Go Cocks!!
    Hello LL
    Hello LMM
    I have always wanted mother daughter bracelets- I cant ever find any I hope you would consider creating a line of them…pretty please with suga on top

  67. Kelli says:

    Hello to getting cars tuned up for summer travels!
    Hello to making dinner for friends with a new baby!
    Hello to taking the kids to the library!
    Hello to a pedi for me!
    Hello to swim lessons!
    Hello to a date with my hubster!
    Hello to Lakewold Gardens with an old pal from college!
    Hello to catching up on all my magazine reading now that the school year is over!

    Hello, Lisa!

  68. Aimee says:

    I loe your photos and your work! Stopping by from LMM!!

  69. Lindsay says:

    What a pretty post about a Monday! :) Not all mondays are bad! Here from LMM!

  70. kittykerri says:

    The first photo is beautiful!! Today I’m saying Hello to you =) Loving the giveaway LMM is doing for you.

  71. Whitney S. says:

    I am saying hello to a nice sunny day…I hope! :)

    I stopped by from LMM! I love your stuff!!!

  72. Jen says:

    I’m loving the Devoted bracelet!!! Love all your stuff actually :)

  73. Mary DK says:

    Beautiful pics, wish I was there! Stopping by from LMM’s blog to say Hello!! :o)

  74. Gretchen says:

    Thanks for such a positive Monday morning post!

    I’m saying hello to housework (which I didn’t do over the weekend), getting to visit our neighborhood pool, and wearing a cute new skirt!

  75. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for making my Monday morning a little better :)

    Also stopping by from LMM

  76. Missy Moore says:

    Saying hi from LMM! Oh my dear…I am getting ready to celebrate my 1 year anniversary of being married and I love personalized bracelets! I’d love to get one and put our wedding date on it! Such a great gift idea!!!

  77. Tara says:

    Stopping by from LMM and just LOVE your designs and the look of your blog. SO cute!

  78. Megan T says:

    I’m saying hello to another week of swim lessons for my girlie!
    Stopping by from LMM, thanks for a great giveaway.

  79. betsy says:

    Love your work, all so sweet and special, stopping by from the equally sweet and special LMM!!!

  80. Fernanda says:

    Hi Lisa! You have such pretty things! I am stoping by from LMM!

  81. Gina says:

    I love your jewelry – stopping by from LMM

  82. andie says:

    LOVE your stuff so much! I really like the oval board and have hadded to my wishlist! saw your contest on LMM and thought – why not – the bracelet would be awesome if I am the lucky recipient!

  83. Mikayla says:

    Great photos! Makes me want to go to the beach really bad…. Stopping by from LMM!

  84. Pamela Stein says:

    Hi Lisa! Happy Monday! My monday didn’t actually start as exciting: hello baskets of laundry waiting to attack me any minute since our washer isn’t working, hello cranky toddler, hello puking baby, all that jazz… so when I came to your blog and read about your monday, it made me crave to have a monday adventure!! So I’m just waiting for Josiah to wake up and then we’ll head out the door and see where the wind will take us… anyways, I love so many of your things that it’s hard to make a list, but I’ll say the BE STILL necklace is one of my favs.. those words are very special to my heart… Yes, I did find out about your giveaway at LMM, and yes, I sooooo wish I could get the devoted bracelet, which is precious! Lots of love! xoxoxo

  85. Simply Sara says:

    Visiting from LMM!!

  86. Mindy says:

    i just found this blog from lmm and am LOVING your stuff! so cute!

  87. Katheryn says:

    I didn’t know you had a blog!! :)

    Visiting from Little Miss Momma.

  88. Rachel says:

    Super cute post :) I’m visiting from LMM :)

  89. Stacey says:

    I love your work. It is beautiful. Stopping by from LMM.


  90. Breeann says:

    I’m stopping by from LMM. I love your products!!

  91. Amanda says:

    Stopping by from LMM!

  92. Katie says:

    Happy Monday!
    Love your blog. LMM sent me!

  93. Leigh Anne says:

    Visiting from LMM – love your photos!! And do love all your jewelry too :)

  94. Mandy Kirk says:

    Visiting from LMM, although I already am a follower of yours :)

  95. stopping by from LMM! Already love your stuff!

  96. Sabrina says:

    Stopping by from LMM! I love your work , absolutely amazing !

  97. Nikki Wilson says:

    I am saying Hello to Little Miss Momma whom I found by reading your fb page. I love your deswigns. Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway at LMM.

  98. Laura says:

    Stopping in from LMM! I can’t believe how talented you are! Just gorgeous things!!

  99. Kadie says:

    Visiting from LMM! Love your designs : )

  100. Chanin says:

    Stopping by from Little Miss Momma! :)

  101. Just stopping by from LMM I love all of your cute stuff, so many are perfect for my one year anniversary with the hubs!

  102. Theresa Lively says:

    I love the leaf ornament! I love all the designs but I collect ornaments and it is beautiful.

  103. Amanda says:

    so happy i’m stopping by from LMM!! Your creations are amazing and i look forward to exploring your blog more! :)

  104. Jen says:

    coming over from LMM! Love your designs!!!!

  105. Erin Zatelli says:

    Stopping by from LMM! I LOVE the devoted bracelet but my all time favorite is the through my lens necklace b/c I am constantly taking pics of my little man.

  106. Anne says:

    Isn’t summer great! You souund like you are full of energy and ready for another good week….I am saying hello to a busy week…but one that will end with a trip to visit family…so it will be a good one!

  107. jessica says:

    stopping by from LMM and becoming a follower so I can stalk, I mean follow you

  108. Heather Kimball says:

    I LOVE your new summer collection. So precious! I am stopping by from LMM and am saying HELLO to two precious baby boys and our baby pool!

  109. Katie says:

    Hi Lisa — I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL YOUR GOODIES! O my – if I could just buy them all, I WOULD!!! I found you via LMM…I WOULD LOVE to win your bracelet! I love it all! Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us:)

  110. Alice says:

    Stopping by as per LMM. Loving your jewelry. That family tree is awesome.

  111. Sonya says:

    It was such a fun surprise to run into you at the beach…thanks for the hello. Our family loved beautiful CA!

  112. Rachel says:

    I’m saying hello to a new place! Moving was a nightmare but now we’re here, so hooray! I’m hopping over from LMM :)

  113. Marie says:

    Looks like you are having a fab summer! Love your jewelry…visiting from Little Miss Momma!

  114. Stopping by from LMM!!

  115. nathania hunter says:

    stopping by from LMM! I love your work! and I think I fell in love with the overnight blueberry french toast, looks sooo yummy!

  116. Erin Carr says:

    Hi there! Just stopped by your facebook page and now stopping by your blog. Once again, your work is amazing!! I’m visiting from LMM hoping to be a winner of your fabulous jewelry!!! :)

  117. erin m. says:

    I came over from LMM! I have loved your stuff forever!

  118. Laura says:

    Loving your site! Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from the LMM!



  119. Shanna says:

    Hello to another Monday!
    Hello to another week closer to school :(
    Hello to my first batch of home-made-from-scratch cinnamon rolls!
    Hello to hot, humid days!
    Hello to opening my eyes to the joys of 4 kids home during the summer, rather than the chaos that inevitably ensues…
    Hello to my real life :)

    This visit, I came from LMM – but I’ve followed your blog for a long time… I just mainly lurk πŸ˜‰

  120. Tracy French says:

    SO glad LMM recommended your blog, I will definitely follow it!

  121. Amanda says:

    Stopping by from LMM. I love your work. Amazing.

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