school’s out

to celebrate the first day of summer, we met up with my sister and her girls in santa barbara last week.

the day involved, cupcakes, the park, the beach, another park, cookies, and lots of silliness.

the kids were exhausted by the end of the day.  it’s not relaxing–but it’s so much fun.

even their new chihuahua, gilbert, joined us. isn’t he cute?!

stick art. i love to see kids being creative!

and of course we collected as much sand as possible–in the cuff of our jeans, pockets, tennis shoes, etc.

so good to celebrate summer and let the kids play and play and play. now i’m ready for a quiet {and long} lunch with my sister!

right now my boys are into coloring, swords, playing piano, sand play, and swimming.

if you have kids, what are they into right now?


  1. my kids have been making lots of sidewalk chalk art lately. and we’re headed to the beach on friday for a week – so lots of running along the sand and pool time in our future. thanks for sharing.

    everyone looks so happy!

  2. When my girls were about the age of your children are now…they loved making tents with sheets and pillows. The living room always had some sort of “thing” -raft,island, houseboat, etc. Always fun.

  3. Mine are big-time into playing in the yard, building hammocks (yikes!) and playing in their playhouse. My 6 year old daughter is loving stencils and markers (today), and my 2 year old daughter loves to, um, make messes with said markers!

    You make me want to move to your area of the world, Lisa! Looks so warm!

  4. My two year old loves to blow bubbles, write with sidewalk chalk and play with the water in the baby pool in the backyard!

  5. I love summer and that is awesome you have family that is so close and the kids can all play! I am saying hi from LMM but am already a follower of your blog! You are an amazing woman and I love reading all your stories, plus I love your jewelry:)

  6. Beautiful out there..

    I’m working with Summer Care.. doing some crafts.. (simple kinds)

    Yesterday kids used watercolors to paint the flag, I glued them on poles.. works well. keep crafts simple and short. We will do the pinwheels on Thursday. Let them color in blue and red then pin in pencils each. Gonna be fun!

  7. Hey Lisa, just love your work, unique and very beautiful. Your look upon life is wonderful, and your blog reflects that so well!

    Just wanted to pop in and say Hi from South Africa, and also a shout out from the Little Miss Momma blog, which I also love!

    Happy days

    Mietjie (Wilmarie)

  8. Hi, stopping by from LMM. Your pieces are beautiful!! I love the devoted, together necklace, forever necklace, leather cuff, and love w/ your soul…..and so many more!! Have a great summer with your family…only two more days of school for us in Vancouver!!

  9. We’re in the middle of winder here in Australia. Right now the kids are making up games in the back yard using light sabres as bats and soft baby toy balls as the projectile. They are having so much fun. Love it.
    The are also into dressing up, Lego (always) and making their own little movies.

  10. Hi Lisa,
    I live in Santa Barbara and have been following you for a while now – love your stuff, have bought many pieces and love when you show up down here in my neck of the woods. I just got done telling a girlfriend over coffee what a great site you have and passing your fun treasures along. 🙂 Love your creaitiving, Sara

  11. Hey, I’m stopping by from LMM and I just have to say that I love your jewelry. I also love the fact that you made such a success of yourself as a stay-at-home mom! I really admire your creativity!

  12. Looks like fun was had by all!
    My son is into airplanes, painting, and anything to do with water: the sprinkler, watering everything in the yard with the hose (including me), & swimming. 🙂 Happy summer!!

  13. fun times!

    my kids are into puzzles. i have been buying them 1000pc puzzles to keep them entertained. i just leave the card table out and they work on it at their leisure. when they are finished they get a float! last time was root-beer floats, this time will be orange soda float (like a 50/50 bar).

  14. Lisa,

    I just love your blog and jewelry. I also love your beautiful photography! Could you tell me what type of camera and lens you use? Your pictures and blog are so inspiring! lOVE IT! 🙂

  15. Hi Lisa, I love your designs..I already showed my husband some of my favorites!! You have a beautiful family and I can’ t wait to get your newsletter! By the way Little Miss Momma sent me!!

  16. My girls(5 & 7) are into playing on their swingset when its cool enough to be outisde, swimming, watching movies(when its too hot to be out), reading chapter books together with me, and our favorite thing is to roast hot dogs & marshmallows over the fire pit in the backyard in the evenings.
    We’re prepping for a big vacation up the coast so the girls are really excited about that:)

  17. Hi! Just stopping by from LMM’s! I love your jewelry…especially the little lady necklace! My littlest would look so adorable with it on for her first day of school! 🙂

  18. our two boys are into swimming, baseball, bike & scooter riding – and when it’s raining we bring out the legos!! They make some pretty amazing structures/creations/creatures! It is exhausting but fun – you nailed it!

  19. Hi there! just wanted to say Hi from LMM! I love your jewelry! Couldn’t find a way to follow your blog besides Fb, tweeter or pinterest…

  20. we just got beack from an awesome beach vaca. My son loved the water. He also loves the pool, anything sport related and mini golfing 🙂 Sweet photos!!

  21. Lovely pictures! Right now my kids (7,6, and almost 2) love swimming, shooting cap guns, digging in the dirt, and playing lots of pretend things. It always amazes me how crazy and detailed their imaginations can get! I have one little one on the way and I’m pretty sure this baby just loves squirming. =)

  22. Your designs are so simply beautiful! I stopped by from LMM and will definitely be stopping by again!

  23. Looking forward to reading your blog too! I have heard from Little Miss Momma that you are super awesome!

  24. Hi Lisa! Stopping by from LMM’s blog. I am in love with your Little Feet and Heartstrings necklaces. Definitely adding to my wish list and leaving it out for my fiance to see 😉

  25. Love the stick art! I know a little boy who just adopted that this weekend. I have a beautiful blue mason jar filled with them as a special arrangement in the house 🙂

  26. I am in the Uk so don’t start our holidays for another 5 weeks! My 6 year old daughters are so into playing schools at the moment. They both play teachers (to avoid arguments!!) and I have to be the headmistress! They each have a white board and teach their teddies maths and English and I have to have the naughty teddies in my “office”

  27. hi lisa! just stopping by from LMM. love your blog and your goodies. your jelwery and home decor is so beautiful. i’m getting married in dec and i love all of your stuff with hearts. i think i’ll need some for our house 🙂

  28. Just stopping by from LMM’s blog. LOVE your stuff.
    This looks like such a fun day!! It’s so hot here (Dallas) that we do almost nothing outside!!!

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