hello monday

hello cabin in the mountains with all my parents, brothers and sisters and their kids {all 24 of us!}

hello cousins playing all day and all night

hello taking turns making meals and cleaning up the kitchen

hello blue skies and then thunderstorms

hello waterslides and splashing in the lake

hello not enough sleep and extra coffee

hello mud pies and sandy feet {and sandy clothes and sandy towels}

hello sunscreen and bug repellent

hello tag and hide-n-seek and bean bag toss

hello coming home to mounds of laundry

hello to a computer that won’t cooperate and a car in the shop

hello to catching up on email and phone messages

hello sweet memories and family time we’ll cherish

hello to our own beds and being home

hello monday! we’re tired but we’re ready!

what are you saying hello to today?


  1. Hello month of August. Hello to my 35th year of life. Hello Mikey (neighbor’s earless 16 year old cat). Hello to trying again.

  2. Thank you for always saying hello to the good and bad!! Your Monday posts ALWAYS inspire me:) you help make me more positive:) thank you!!!! I am saying hello to my parents tomorrow! They get to meet my 2 1/2 month baby girl and get re acquainted with my two boys! They live far away and we haven’t seen them in two years… It will be a very happy HELLO:)

  3. Hi Lisa, it’s Tueday morning here in NZ and I’m saying hello to cold fingers and toes.. it’s another beautifully frosty morning here and I need to get out into the garden to spread sawdust and manure on part of my garden.. but it’s C O L D… giggle, so I’m putting it off for a while! Smiles..

  4. Hello to waiting 3 hours for the ferry to San Juan island after missing the 2:00…trying not to say I told you so to the hubby! Hello to the San Juans, where we’ll be spending the next week with my in-laws!

  5. hey, lisa! i said “hello” to the rising sun this morning! up WAY early but i was productive so it was a good thing 😉

    question: what dslr camera (moderately priced) would you recommend to a photo newbie with no aspirations other than taking a good pic??

  6. I am very sadly saying hello to the NICU once again. My baby was there for the first two months of his life, came home one week, and is gone again. This is a hello I wish I wasn’t saying. 🙁

  7. Hello to the end of summer. The temp. outside doesn’t feel like summer is coming to an end though. It’s full on blazing hot in Texas. Lovely photos of a wonderful time with your family. Big family gatherings are always so much fun. Have a great week!

  8. Hello Monday to you. Hello laundry after a family wedding this weekend. Hello going out to dinner tonight with old friends that we only see once a year about this tiem—Mexican Monday sounds so great!!!

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