make sure to come back! {paper & cloth giveaway}

Eeek! I’m so excited about this giveaway! I’m drooling over all our new paper and cloth items–not literally, so don’t worry! The quality is fabulous and the sentiment is sweet. So fun! Read on…

TWO lucky winners will receive our brand new ‘set sail’ canvas bag {adorable!}, An 11×14 poster, an 8×10 poster and 8 cards. Wow!

To enter, leave a comment and let me know which item from our new paper & cloth collection is your favorite.

Facebook, Pin, Instagram, Tweet and blog about the giveaway for extra entries. Use hashtag #lisaleonarddotcom

Make sure to come back here and leave a comment for each entry!

We’ll be announcing the winners for this and yesterday’s giveaway in a few days! Good luck!!


  1. Everything is soooo beatiful! Perfectly my type of paper goods! I love the “Life is a journey” totebag and the stuck on you card! A huge thank for this awesome giveaway!

  2. “far more precious” because I knew immediately where I would put it… right next to my girl’s mirror/dress up area!!

  3. The totes! I love the totes!! In a house full of boys, I love any little everyday thing that makes things a little more girly around here!

  4. I love your new paper line!! I am quite certain a couple of my Christmas gifts this year will be coming from your paper and cloth line…now I just have to pick what!!

  5. Your “far too precious” poster would make a treasured gift for my niece Britt. I think it is my favorite thing.

  6. I love the “You Are My Home” paper piece that I received as a gift for the finalization of the adoption of my daughter!

  7. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. My favorites are the Set Sail tote bag, Stuck on You card, and Be True To You poster.

  8. I love the entire collection! I especially love the ‘You are my Home’ poster, because my family is definitely my home! You always come up with very inspiring things to remind us what’s important! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Oh, I love everything you make. I do believe the tote bags are my favorite of all the new products. I like to have a bunch of bags for all my projects and these are so special. I would carry them with pride and tell your wonderful story. Thanks to a generous and great family.

  10. Be true to you is my fav. If you desire to be who u truly are life’s options are endless. For our days are never the same so if we except today for what it is then we can cease the day:)

  11. I love them all, but the canvas bags are probably my favorite. I am alway grabbing a bag to throw a few books in to take with me. I would love a set of the cards as well, and the prints are wonderful!

  12. My favorite item is the “Love you Deerly” card. Thanks for the chance to win something. Have a great day.

  13. I love the two silhouettes about women! They are gorgeous, their words are empowering and inspiring, every women deserves to know how beautiful & worthy they are! Thanks for the contest!

  14. Love the More Precious poster. I have a 16 year old daughter, and would love to hang it in her room πŸ™‚

  15. I fell in love with the “More Precious than Jewels” poster. I bought one for my daughter’s room and one for my niece for Christmas. I want them growing up knowing they are worth more than any jewel! I hope it will be something they pass down to their daughters.

  16. I love the “far more precious” print for my daughters room. I also love the “you are my home” print. Having a hubs in the military….home is where we are together as a family!

  17. I just shared on facebook…I hope many people check it out! I wear one of your necklaces almost on a daily basis…and there are so many more I want to buy. I <3 Leonard!

  18. My favorite is the “you are my home”. We just purchased our first home (by moving away from where we both grew up), but it is just a mere thing. My family is my home!

  19. I love “beauty is being true to who you are,” and would love to see it on my wall amidst my family photos. Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. The “You are Fantastic” is my fav. It has a good sentiment that everyone will smile at…what more could you ask for?

  21. I adore the “you are my home” print & I cannot wait for it to arrive…ordered it last week! πŸ™‚ would be beyond trilled to win this!

  22. The “be true to you” poster is lovely. I’d put it in my daughters’ room so they’d reminded every day to simply be who God has created them to be.

  23. Oh my — the “Be True to You” poster is definitely my favorite. It is something that would be lovely in my daughter’s room!

  24. I love, love, love the “you are the light of my life” card, and the “you are my home” print!! This line is so great – thanks for wanting to share some of the beauty with us πŸ™‚

  25. Love the canvas bag. I’m a teacher so I am always carrying papers and projects to and from school….plus today is my birthday, so it would be sweet to win something.

  26. I am torn between the Deeper Than the Ocean card and the Light of My Life card – both are perfect of my husband!

  27. How does that saying go…”You had me at Hello!” I know corny, but I really like that card!! Love love what you did with your family room – the touches of bright yellow really pop and is perfect for the fall!!

  28. LOVE the Beauty is being… silhouette. It’s perfect and I want to send it to my nieces for their bedroom! Thanks!

  29. I also love the silhouettes. I had mine done by my sweet kindergarten teacher. And am very proud of the ones I did of my boys’ precious profiles.

  30. Love Love Love the new line! My favorite is the “Far More Precious” poster. It’s so true, and would look adorable in my daughter’s nursery. Good luck to everyone who enters!

  31. i particularly like the β€œwild and wonderful” print. (but i am also smitten with the whale).

    really pretty stuff! can’t wait to see what you do next!

  32. I am having a hard time making my favorite choice, but if I was to order something today I would probably go with the “Live is a Journey” canvas bag.

  33. I love the Hello Cards! You can never have too many note cards! I also love the necklace I purchased recently – the turquoise with initial charm.

  34. The new collection looks so sweet. The Hello cards are definitely my favourite! I’ll be adding them to my wishlist πŸ™‚

  35. I love them all! I think I love the “Be brave” print most. No, “you are my home”. See? It’s hard to pick.

  36. It’s hard to pick a favorite, I love everything!!! I guess I would have to say the “you are my home” print is one if my top picks!

  37. I just love this new line of yours!! I saw the canvas bag on Facebook yesterday and thought what a great gift for the tween/teen girl in your life! I love the Life is a Journey canvas bag!

  38. My very favorite is the “be brave today” poster!!!! My husband & I are constantly talking to our girls about being brave & kind. Their favorite song to sing at the top of their little lungs is “Brave” by Sara Bareilles!!!! Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!!!

  39. I love the set sail tote. It reminds me of myself as a teenager with my pony tail I used to wear high on my head. I miss those days….

  40. Definitely the cards are my favorite!! I try to send cards out as much as I can just because it’s fun to get mail from a friend!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Hi there. This is my favorite new line of yours. I can’t really decide which one of the creations is may favorite, but I will say that the “Be Brave Today” poster speaks to me. Good luck to everyone entering.

  42. The tote is absolutely adorable, Lisa! love the new line, the simplicity, the messages, all is so lovely!

  43. Love, love, love this line!! I don’t know if I can pick a favorite, but I absolutely adore the Be Brave and Find Beauty posters.

  44. In a home with 3 teenage girls, we talk about beauty being the person inside not the outside view! Love the ‘Beauty is being true to who you are’ poster. Will be a great reminder before they go out the door each day!

  45. “Today Holds Beauty Waiting to Be Found”…my life motto. Love it! I am so glad you are doing this. I display the little calendar you tucked into my Christmas order last year and find joy every month when I turn the page. Are you going to sell those? I just LOVE it!

  46. I love the simplicity of the ‘Hello’ card. How nice would it be to receive a ‘Hello….how are you doing?’ card in the mail instead of by email, text, etc. Fabulous stuff!!

  47. I like the Dear to My Heart card. I want to frame it for my daughter’s room. (She loves deer.) Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. I’m all about reusable bags, so the canvas bag would be awesome! But I also love inspirational quotes hung up around the house. Good thing I won’t have to choose πŸ˜‰

  49. Lisa,
    Thanks for the contest and Inspiration!! I love the ‘Be True to You’ poster, with teenage girls, I am working through confidence issues Daily. I find I need to take my own advice as well. All the items are beautiful! Thanks for all your jewelry creations, and sharing your story!

  50. The set sail canvas bag and the you are far more precious poster are two of my very favorites AND happy they are included in your generous giveaway!

  51. We just found out that one of my Aunt’s has breast cancer. On the same day you launched this new line of paper and cloth items. As soon as I saw the “Be Brave Today” card I thought of her and it was instantly mt favorite.

  52. Choose a fave? Ha! That’s funny : ) I’m a card fanatic – love the bags and prints, too! My father-in-law would appreciate the “deer” cards –
    I love it all. So happy for you and the new line!

  53. The wall hangings I like best are the “Far more precious” and “Be true to you”. Great gift or inspiration especially for little girls. Love it!

  54. I LOVE “Be True to You”!!! Such a wonderful reminder of something we should all do. …I adore the entire line though! Would take one of everything!! πŸ™‚

  55. I love all your creations but especially the “Be True To You” poster. Thanks for being an inspiration to me!

  56. I am loving the cards. I still send paper cards and these are unique and great!! I will be using these instead of a chain stores!!!

  57. My favorite is the be brave today πŸ™‚ . LOVE it all and the vintage feel. But the brave inspiration is precious and close to my heart. Thanks for the chance to win. Old fashioned correspondence is a lost art. Thanks also for keeping that alive and fun for those of us who enjoy sending love the old fashioned way :). Thanks for all you do, Lisa, and to your team as well :).

  58. It is all just lovely but by far I love the “I love you dearly” card the best….my grandma used to say that to me all the time, brings back sweet memories of her. Also crushing on your new totes.
    Thanks for the generous giveaway offer !

  59. I love all of your products! Not only do I wear your jewelry, it’s one of my favorite things to give as gifts. In your new collection, I think your “beauty” sign would be a perfect addition to the PTSA office where I spend so much time with the most amazing moms on the planet! Thank you!

  60. I love the “you are my home print”. early in our married life, my husband and i moved frequently due to our jobs … every 3 months across the country. one day i was feeling very very lonely, missing my family and friends. Mitch cuddled me up and wispered “you are my home” in my ear. we’ve settled a bit, and have 2 great girls, but still move every 3 or so years for one reason or another. Mitch has continued to make it a point to let the girls and I know that we are his home.

  61. I love them all, but especially the “Have a Fantastic Day” tote and the “You are My Home” print. Thanks for the opportunity!

  62. I love the silhouettes. I remember doing them when I was little; they were then framed for mother’s day. A great school event that I remember fondly.

  63. This looks like so much fun! Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite item from your new collection is the block happy birthday card. It looks perfect for friends and family alike.

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