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Last weekend I took a wire wrapping class in Morro Bay. I’ve been trying to sign up for various creative classes around the central coast, just to keep my skills fresh and learn more. It’s been so fun. And I’m inspired.

So Sunday afternoon, I got in my car. By myself. And drove the quiet 20 minutes down Los Osos Valley Road, past farms and cows and crops to Morro Bay. I spent some time thinking and praying. I arrived a couple minutes early, so I popped into a thrift shop. Awesome, right?

The bead shop has lots of succulents, glass, stones–not to mention so many pretty beads. I looked around, took my time and tried to soak up all the beautiful things.

Halfway through the class, I took a break and got some frozen yogurt with fresh raspberries. I took my camera along and snapped a few pics.

It’s so good for me to have alone time and time to stretch my creativity. I adore my boys and family time–but I need to recharge, too. Wanna see what I created in the class? Here’s a peek.

How do you recharge your soul?


  1. After living in downtown SLO for several years, I just moved out to Morro Bay last month and love it here! I’m discovering all the little gems this town (and Los Osos/Baywood Park too) has to offer. It’s so much more than fish and chips and fog as most people seem to believe 🙂

  2. I love to recharge my soul by reading all the wonderful Christian women’s blogs! When I have time, I take a few hours to read and absorb all the great blessings that are written! I love your blog too! You are beautiful inside and out!! * I especially love ‘What I Wore Wednesday’!!

  3. So glad you got out and about! You inspired me years ago to take more time for self care. I get recharged by traveling without my family – be it going to a lodge in the Olympic Mountains for a day to sit and drink tea and read, or taking students to Europe for 3 weeks at a time. I always come back a better Kelli than I left. xo

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