a couple weekends ago we went whale watching off long beach harbor. it was mostly a watching trip–since there were very few whales involved. we saw a few spouts from their blowholes–but that was about it. besides the disappointment of not seeing much in the way of whales, we had a great time!

we left the harbor with big big hopes–our friends had gone the weekend before us and saw 18 blue whales! sadly, this was not the case with our boat trip.

the kids had hot dogs, soda, and matthias had some kind of blue ring pop–so they were very happy. i had a hot chocolate that made me very content. actually, i had two hot chocolates. yum.

we saw lots of sea lions, dolphins and birds. the dolphins were definitely the highlight–jumping in and out of our waves.

next time maybe we’ll just call it a boat ride and not get our hopes set on seeing any whales.

i hope to see a whale leap out of the water before i die. although if i saw a whale breach this close to our boat i think i might have a heart attack. is there anything you really want to see or do before you die?