to cool down and feel like fall {what i wore wednesday}

it’s wednesday and i’m linking up with lindsey at the pleated poppy for some fashion inspiration!

it’s finally starting to cool down and feel like fall–and i’m so happy! the first moderately cool day we had i broke out some tights. i think tights might be a favorite this season!

skirt, tights and chunky oxfords all from target. denim top, chinos. red necklace a souvenir i brought back from england. devoted bracelet, my shop.

i’m thinking i might need to pick up tights in some fun colors for fall and winter–like, teal, mustard yellow and deep purple. how cute is this or this? would you wear colored tights?


  1. The AC has been out all week at work…and it has been HOT! so the thought of anything on my legs right now…is a big NO! haha but I like tights and knee socks…just don’t have many opportunities to wear them in FL.
    Always like your boots and today’s outfit makes me wish it was cold here.

  2. I am a huge tights fanatic – I am itching for the weather to cool off a bit here so I can break mine out (we are having record hot temps. for October here in central Canada!)! I have not tried solid coloured smooth tights but I love patterned and textured ones … I adore a pair that’s gray and looks like crochet, various herringbone and cable knit ones and one of my favourites is a crazy argyle pair in fall colours (chocolate brown, rust, orange). Love tights with a cute skirt and boots – tights are one of the reasons fall is my favourite time of year (in addition to the leaves turning, warm sunshine, and pumpkins everywhere … oh, and pumpkin pie ice cream!)! Take care!

  3. Yes, I love tights!! There was a huge selection of cool tights at TJ Maxx when I was there yesterday. I am really into the textured tights – and as far as color…love a mustardy yellow (would look great with the outfit you have on in the pics.) xo

  4. Lisa, I have always wanted to wear the colored tights but never took the plunge this year I could get of my comfort zone. So glad you mentioned them I admire you and everything you wear and do! Hope you find some cute ones!

  5. I love, love, LOVE this outfit! You always know what to wear and look classy, yet stylish. Bravo! I do miss the multiple outfit posts, but that’s just cuz I’m nosey about what you are wearing the rest of the week 🙂

  6. I have always been a textured or patterned-tights girl, but always in safe colors like black, brown, and grey. I am thinking that this colored tights trend may be one back-to-teaching “splurge” I can afford! Off to Target!

  7. I fell head over heals for tights last year. It screams fall. Not familiar with the reversible tights Amy mentions but I’ll be on the hunt for them now!

    Lisa, love the punch of color the red necklace brings to the outfit! The denim shirt looks great in the photo, too!

  8. Love, love, loooove colorful, opaque tights. However, I just discovered the Spanx REVERSIBLE tights…black on one side, then flip them inside out for either grey or brown. Talk about a space saver! Plus, they’re spanx-y so they squeeze you in and smooth you out 🙂

  9. hmm…sorry to say, but I’m not a fan of the colored tights trend. I think it’s one of those things that you will look back on in pictures and say “what was i thinking?” sort of like neon slouch socks and the big wave bangs of the 80’s.

  10. I just bought this skirt yesterday. I had planned to pair it with tights, boots (or booties), a sweater, and some funky jacket. Love that it is light-weight, but still suitable for fall and winter wardrobing. Love how you have paired it with the denim, and colored tights sound fun.

  11. i told myself i was going to buy colored tights last Fall/Winter but i chickened out…this year i’m going to bite the bullet and get a few pairs! they make a LBD so fun 😀

  12. Lisa, you’ve gotta come downtown to The Sock Drawer! I’ve got lots of tights in many different colors & patterns (chevrons, vertical stripes, lacy). 🙂

  13. Love this outfit… especially with the pop of red! I read that I am too old to wear colored tights, but I am going to buy some anyhow! They just look so fun. 🙂

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