friday love

it’s friday and i’m linking up with jeannett from life rearranged to share photos from the week!

1 david chillin with auntie chrissie. good times.

2 matthias and daddy reading side by side. love.

3 we ate lunch at CPK sunday and david was so tired, he laid his head on the table and went to sleep.

4 falling leaves and boots-proof that autumn is here.

5 an amazing sunset on our drive to LA

6 david has a super duper visit to the cardiologist. he is doing fab!!

7 coffee coffee and a little more coffee {please}

8 a trip to disneyland, since we are in LA anyway!

what are your weekend plans?


  1. It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada! We also own a small bath and body store in town. Saturday we hosted a gallery exhibit opening in our shop. Sunday we went to my Mom’s for a vegan gluten-free brunch. That afternoon we attended a hockey game with seats in the owner’s skybox. What an amazing treat that was! Then we capped the evening in my brother’s recording studio, mixing some tunes. Hopefully our holiday Monday is a relaxing one but you never know!

  2. We are vacationing in Carpinteria from Arizona. Drove to SLO today….such a great town you’ve got there! Made it to Ruby Rose and Sally Loo’s on your recommendation. 🙂 Thank you and happy weekend.

  3. Outside activities…enjoying the best weather we’ve had in a looong time! For weeks it rained so much, I was waiting for the Word if I should build an ark.

  4. Love that sunset!

    What a weekend we have lined up: I have a gallery showing of some photos tonight. We have a birthday party tomorrow for a 7-year-old pal and an Open House at my brother’s. Sunday is the play “Bunnicula” with my 6-year-old. Snuck in there will be some baking, blogging, and pesto-making. My house will smell divine!

  5. i want to go pumpkin & gourd shopping! there’s an adorable florist a block from our house and she has all kinds of cute pumpkins & gourds. i also want to visit another thrift shop with Zack, and have a long walk around the lakes!

    it’s so pretty outside!!! i have to take advantage of it while i can ;]

  6. We were just at disneyland yesterday! it was crowded, but so cute with the pumpkins!! plans are to stay home and recoup after taking a 3 week old to disneyland w/ my toddler. 🙂 hope you have a great weekend!!

  7. Cleaning house, a little backyard barbeque, opening the windows to let in the crisp fall breeze, spending lots of time cuddling with my boys!

  8. Wknd plans, well tomm my daughter is part of a cheer camp that then will cheer for the big boys football! She is so excited. Sunday out to take pics of my kids and bff’s kids for xmas pics. Hoping the weather is still nice! Love the pic of David sleeping on the table, poor little guy worn out. 🙂

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