saturday love

{photos from my instagram stream}

we’re so happy it’s saturday! which means pancakes, cartoons, jammies until noon {at least} and a little house cleaning. this last week was heavy with meetings and i am ready for some down time!

what does your saturday look like?


  1. Spent a picture perfect day at the beach with a friend from high school and her family who have been here from out of state… then after heading home to unpack and shower went uptown for dinner outside and ice cream!

  2. busy saturday for us – 4 yr old had soccer pictures, then practice then a game (2 hours later!) then in the afternoon she had a birthday party to attend, so the husband took her while my 8 yr old and I met my adult nephew and his wife for lunch. errands (sam’s club and Target – yeah!) then out to dinner with the family followed by a quick trip to kohls – for some summer clothes. whew – now the kids are in bed and I’m catching up on soap opera – all my children. whew. hoping for some yard work tomorrow if weather cooperates. : )

  3. It’s Sunday here but my Saturday was a bit too frantic. Up early for Zumba class, then rushed home to pick up husband and dog to go to dog obedience (Chester is now 5.5 months old!), then home for rushed lunch and out again to a local large hardware barn to judge scarecrow names.. pant, pant… then home with free vegie seedlings for doing the judging.. oh and then had to take Chester for his late afternoon walk, pant, pant… After dinner sat and watched American Idol, phew finally I got to sit still! Smiles…

  4. I love Saturdays…up at 5am….coffee….papers graded…visits to a few nurseries…planted ferns…gerbera daisies (my favorites)…dinner with the hubs!! Ahhhh!!

  5. Our first Saturday at home with nothing planned during the day….yea!!!! Tonight, Mommy and Daddy are heading to prom for a date night. A great Saturday:)

  6. I’m actually quite proud of myself because instead of sleeping in I got up early, did yoga, laundry, went to the bank, the public library, and trader joe’s 🙂 I did more before 1pm today than I sometimes do all weekend.

    It helps that it’s lovely here today and I made the first official batch of sun tea!

  7. saturday morning cinnamon rolls. unpacking and lots of laundry after spending last week away. the car to be washed. hair cuts for the kids. and an early family dinner. very happy to be back at home today.

  8. Sounds so sweet!
    I worked today, and now I’m home getting our last puppy ready for his new home xo
    Have a great weekend Lisa xo

    Deborah xo

  9. well, it is 10:30 here, daddy is gone for the day so it looks like:
    cereal and toast and cartoons for the kids
    coffee for me
    windows open, sun shining
    kids already painted a wooden bird house each
    and a canvas each
    and i’m thinking we will go buy tangled and movie candy for family movie night tonight.
    i {heart} the weekend!

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