A couple weeks ago we spent three nights in Santa Barbara to end the boys’ spring break on a high note. There was rain the first day but then sunshine after that. We had a ton of fun, minus the lack of sleep the first night. David has a hard time sleeping when we go out of town–especially the first night away. Usually by 1am I am desperate and exhausted and frustrated. And then I start to spiral into worry about what the future holds–and that kind of thinking doesn’t get us anywhere!
Thankfully he did much the second night and he slept wonderfully on the third night. I wouldn’t call it a relaxing getaway, but we made some great family memories!

When we go on family getaways I try to keep my expectations realistic–it’s still going to be a lot of work, and I’ll probably be tired after the first night. I try to remember it’s for the kiddos and it’s not about me, then I have more fun. I loving seeing the world through their eyes.

Do you have any family getaways or activities planned for this summer? Please share!