how to make your backyard ready for summer {sprucing up diy}

We have a great backyard but I hadn’t done much with it to make it cute. It looks a lot bigger in these pics than it actually is in real life. The backyard is kind of a triangle shape, so while the farthest corner goes back pretty far, it’s a narrow yard.

Here’s the before pic. We’ve had this wicker settee and chair for a couple years. And there were just random toys here and there.

I found a plain outdoor rug at CVS {of all places!} and it really defines the seating area. The white table was a flea market find last weekend. Only $15!

I picked up a few outdoor pillows at Target that feel fresh and fun for summer.

A simple change, but much better!

I hung some spray-painted bottles from the tree to use as outdoor vases. So fun!

The flowers have lasted a week out there and they look so fresh.

I wrapped wire right under the lip of the bottle to create a hanger. It’s easy to do, just make sure you get the wire nice and tight so the hanger stays put! Now I want to make hangers for some mason jars to use as candle holders in the evening for some soft light.

I’d like to put a large chalkboard outside and get a croquet set for summer BBQ’s. Do you have plans to spruce up your backyard for this summer?


  1. Hi, Lisa. I have a chalkboard door for sale if you want it for your backyard. It even has a vintage glass door knob still attached. Let me know.


  2. What great ways to spruce up! The bottles are delightful…and mason jars for candles, I might just need to try it!

    We have many plans for the backyard…the first step is involving a dump truck of dirt, so we have our work cut our for us!

  3. Isn’t it so crazy how just a few small touches seem to make the world of a difference?! I wish I would have done some before and afters of our toy room. All I did was add in a tall shelf and take a few toys away and whala! Fresh and clean looking!
    Love the idea of hanging those bottles from the tree – did you spray paint the outside??

  4. Really nice, simple, classy.

    We have a very large backyard (it’s the major reason I fell in love with the house). Unfortunately, we go through pretty serious “bug” seasons – black flies in May, then mosquitoes the rest of the summer. We’ve got a wonderful 3 season room which could use some serious sprucing up – I like the outdoor rug idea!

  5. Looks so inviting. I’ve been wanting a sectional for our outdoor space and finally found the right one..and I love it! It really is an extension of our living space. Here’s to a whole lot of time spent outdoors (for as long as we can stand it here in Phoenix…the heat is a comin’)Cheers!

  6. Such a small, but beautiful change. We have added more flowers around the yard and they’re starting to show. I’d still like to add more color to our yard with some seating, a chalkboard and various artsy pieces.

  7. Your yard looks so inviting, Lisa. I love the tables and the settee. The vase idea is great, too.

    I’ve wanted to do the mason jar thing, too. I’ve seen it with candles and with flowers. I saw in a magazine how the jars were wired to the person’s deck posts and it looked great. I would love to do that but would probably add cup hooks so I could take the jars down if I knew it was going to rain.

    I’m just going to be doing some major yard work this year and make use of the things I already have. Thank goodness for Pinterest inspiration 🙂

    I’m hosting a backyard dinner in a couple of weeks. I’m using sheets I find at the thrift store for tablecloths with pretty flowers on them and I’ll do fresh flowers and candles on the table and white lights around the yard. Add some stars, music and wine…it’ll be a great night. 🙂

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