We have a great backyard but I hadn’t done much with it to make it cute. It looks a lot bigger in these pics than it actually is in real life. The backyard is kind of a triangle shape, so while the farthest corner goes back pretty far, it’s a narrow yard.

Here’s the before pic. We’ve had this wicker settee and chair for a couple years. And there were just random toys here and there.

I found a plain outdoor rug at CVS {of all places!} and it really defines the seating area. The white table was a flea market find last weekend. Only $15!

I picked up a few outdoor pillows at Target that feel fresh and fun for summer.

A simple change, but much better!

I hung some spray-painted bottles from the tree to use as outdoor vases. So fun!

The flowers have lasted a week out there and they look so fresh.

I wrapped wire right under the lip of the bottle to create a hanger. It’s easy to do, just make sure you get the wire nice and tight so the hanger stays put! Now I want to make hangers for some mason jars to use as candle holders in the evening for some soft light.

I’d like to put a large chalkboard outside and get a croquet set for summer BBQ’s. Do you have plans to spruce up your backyard for this summer?