new glasses

matthias didn’t pass the vision test at school.

so we took him to our favorite eye doctor and yep, he needed glasses.

he picked out a gold pair {just like a king!}

and he’s so excited to wear them. i hope that lasts!

this morning he said, “when i grow up i’m still gonna wear glasses and be just like my dad and my grandpa.

and i thought, “if you grow up to be an amazing man like your daddy and your grandpa tim, i will be one happy mama!”

matthias, you look so handsome in your new GOLD glasses.


  1. So cute! Love that he already has his own fashion sense!
    My little one went through the same thing last year. He lost the 1st pair, within a month. Since then he is doing great! He has one pair for school, that stays at school & one pair for home. It has worked out great for us!

  2. Our daughter needed glasses at 18 months! A year later it is still not easy getting her to keep them on. But i think she looks so adorable in them, and so does your little guy! Glad he likes them and wants to wear them!

  3. Love the glasses Matthias! I wear glasses too, & got some new ones a few months ago! You look like you’re ready for collage! Handsome young man! 😉

  4. He did a great job picking out those glasses! I can totally relate…I’ve had to wear glasses/contacts since I was 5 & I’m 34! I’m glad he is adapting!

  5. Matthias is totally rockin’ those specs.

    Our son is now 26. He was 11 when he got his 1st pair and Boys 2 Men were popular. So he chose a similar pair. What great memories.

  6. He looks so handsome in his new glasses. I loved the sweet comments you made about his dad and grandpa too. I feel the same way about my boys and the men in my life 🙂
    Have a nice weekend.

  7. I’ve never commented before, just looked at your lovely jewelry, your great style and precious boys. What a gift to find this post tonight. I also have 2 boys and my 3 year old is picking up his glasses tomorrow. (He has a more serious problem with his eyes, so will be wearing bifocals.) I’m dreading the glasses, but this was so encouraging. Thanks Lisa!

  8. He looks fabulous! Phoebe busts out with “That’s Matty … in glasses! Cool!” He looks JUST like you if you ask me. Lucky devil!

    Happy Holidays to the Leonards from the Brownings!

  9. darling lisa! it is so good to hear from you and i agree matty looks handsome in those glasses! your boys are growing up 🙂 love and hugs, jamie

  10. I should take a hint from Matty. I really don’t like glasses, so I try to get rimless. I have to get new ones now, but seeing his makes me think about getting some colored frames…maybe hot pink. 🙂 We’ll see. He is a handsome little guy (getting bigger everyday I’m sure). And I agree. I only know Steve, but if he grows up like him, you’ve both done a great job with him. Still missing you guys and it’s been almost 2 years since I’ve been gone. Unbelievable! love and hugs to your fam

  11. so handsome! my 5 year old wears purple glasses (they are extremely purple!!) and she loves them!! She says that she is the “glasses fairy” (we are Tinkerbell obsessed). They make her who she is…and I couldn’t be prouder!

  12. Great pick!! My son had to get glasses and just started Kindergarten, he was not as excited as Matthias but he has gotten better with it! He got cute blue ones, I love the gold too!


  13. NICE CHOICE! I remember realizing that I couldn’t see the board in class (my teacher pulled me aside afterwards and I definitely cried). Just remind him that when they break, he will not be able to see – learned that one the hard way after letting my friends play with them soon after I got them… ooops…

  14. Those are great glasses! I am a glasses girl. I’ve been wearing them since 5th grade. I have contacts, but I just don’t feel like myself without them.

  15. I distinctly remember getting glasses in 5th grade. I’d completely forgotten that grass wasn’t a sheet of green carpet and that trees had individual pieces of bark. All of a sudden, with glasses I was able to see blades of grass! It was amazing. And mine weren’t even cute like Matthias’!

    I ordered a necklace last night after ordering two keychains as gifts recently. I met you in Birmingham and just love your style and your blog! An honor to know you “virtually.” 🙂

  16. he looks great as a king! I also have a Matthias and enjoy reading stories about your little guy 🙂 So glad to read you have a husband you want your boys to be just like…..I’m blessed like that, too!

  17. Your story was one of the sweetest things that I have read in a while. I teared up thinking of my little one growing up to be as wonderful as his daddy and grandpa’s. Thank you so much for always sharing such beautiful moments with us.

  18. Oh, your post today made me smile…..I can remember going to the eye doctor when I was a little girl and pretending like I couldn’t read the letters. I wanted to wear glasses so bad! Looking forward to meeting you….I arrive in Morro Bay next week……

    [email protected]

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