april 1st, the one day when you can lie to your hearts content!

{and it’s totally acceptable}.

matthias told me my hair was on fire and then screamed ‘april fool’s!!’. phew!!




we are loving spring break and the relaxed schedule.

this spring break will be remembered by unmemorable things like

lazy mornings, organizing the house and trips to the ice cream shop.




the boys get two weeks off for spring break–and school gets out a week later in june.

right now, that’s fine with me!




above are my new boots, which i had no business buying except they were on sale

and there was only one pair left

and it was my size

and i had been looking for light brown boots

{have i justified myself enough??}

ah, an impulse buy that ends well-i love my new boots!

have you made any impulse buys lately–did it go right or wrong?

* * *

happy april fool’s day!