this tree trunk reminded my of our sweetheart tree necklace.

i wonder if our neighbors would mind if i carved initials into it??

the morning light in that pic is so lovely.




i’ve been craving some ocean time.

a getaway, really.

days to linger at the ocean with no where to be.

i can feel summer coming!




our spring break has been filled up with slow days,

organizing the house and focusing on creativity rather than tv.

matthias made me this treasure map a couple days ago.

he did it all on his own-i was so excited.

and i had to actually follow the map to complete the course.

at the end i found a box with some coins. so fun.




i got a 50mm lens for my nikon and it’s really different than my other lens.

this girl turned me onto the idea.

it doesn’t auto focus, so it’s really making me work for it.

i got frustrated and needed a break-but the two pics above are taken with the new lens.

it’s a good practice and it’s stretching me.



but really on my mind is God’s grace and goodness.

I want to reflect on these things this easter weekend.

wishing you lots of rest and some good reflection!