We’ve had such a wonderful time in Southern California with my side of the family. I have 6 siblings and lots of nieces and nephews–so holidays with my side get loud and crazy. It’s always fun. The two days leading up to Christmas were full of video games, eating out, chocolate chip waffles and naps. Good stuff. Matthias came down with strep throat, but his antibiotics kicked in fast and he was feeling better in no time!

Here’s part one of our Christmas celebration–more pics tomorrow!

Did I mention video games? Our family gift this year was a wii and it’s been basically going non-stop. Also, I’ve been eating cinnamon rolls and gingerbread cookies like nobody’s business. I’ve already got a good idea what our new year’s resolutions will be–less screen time and less sugar. Ha!

Do you make a new year’s resolution? Have you thought of what you want it to be?