family christmas 2012 {part one}

We’ve had such a wonderful time in Southern California with my side of the family. I have 6 siblings and lots of nieces and nephews–so holidays with my side get loud and crazy. It’s always fun. The two days leading up to Christmas were full of video games, eating out, chocolate chip waffles and naps. Good stuff. Matthias came down with strep throat, but his antibiotics kicked in fast and he was feeling better in no time!

Here’s part one of our Christmas celebration–more pics tomorrow!

Did I mention video games? Our family gift this year was a wii and it’s been basically going non-stop. Also, I’ve been eating cinnamon rolls and gingerbread cookies like nobody’s business. I’ve already got a good idea what our new year’s resolutions will be–less screen time and less sugar. Ha!

Do you make a new year’s resolution? Have you thought of what you want it to be?


  1. Beautiful pictures and moments, Lisa!

    Your sis had twins? How fun! I still remember seeing your family’s Christmas photo on our fridge every year growing up. 🙂

    I haven’t set any “official” resolutions, but looking ahead to 2013, have definitely determined to simplify as much as possible so that my/our time, energy and attention can go to the people and things that REALLY matter. (We’re doing a major house purge and it feels indescribably good. Loads of stuff going into the trash, sell and give-away piles. We have a pretty small place and limited stuff to begin with, yet somehow it still accumulates so easily.) Also, I am going to be intentional about more face-to-face time and conversations with friends.

    Happy New Year to you and Steve and your family!

    1. Those are great resolutions! More time with family is always so important. Yes my sister does have twins, it’s so fun! xo

  2. Forgot my resolution!!! I am in the process of following my dreams and opening a preschool. I am so nervous to leave my full time job and rely on myself but I am trusting God that he will show me the way! So, my resolution is to listen to Him and follow my dreams!

  3. Merry Christmas, Lisa! Every year I come up with a word for the new year, kinda like you. Last year it was “Better” – you know, Do Better, Be Better. This year, I’m going with the word “Perspective” – meaning blessings are a matter of perspective; at least that is what I have learned this year.

    Happy New Year and all the best in 2013!

    LOVD tidings,

  4. I’m leaning toward refusing all the copies of “People” from my mom-in-law each week and ceasing and desisting visiting their website daily. Time to quit paying attention to the celebs!!! Well, unless it’s Julia or Gwyneth. I’ve got to draw the line somewhere!

    Beautiful pictures, Lisa!

  5. Looks like you had wonderful times. You all look so happy to be together. Enjoy! I don’t create resolutions but I do create goals each year. I usually try to come up with a reading goal…this year started at 15 books & went up to 30. I’m just about 2/3 of a book away from reaching that goal. I usually try to include a healthy habit such as drinking more water….something I don’t do enough of. My kids like to create them too. It is fun to see what we would all like to do during the year. We have talked about the random acts of kindness but have decided to make them more thoughtful acts of kindness. Next week we are going to make some homemade soup to bring to our neighbors who are a little bit older and oh so sweet to our kids. We want to do 2 things each month for people that we think could use something rather than just doing something random like paying for someone’s coffee. The kids really like this idea & I like that it makes them think about those around us & how we can put a smile on their faces.

    1. Thank you for sharing your new years goals with me Julie! I love the thoughtful acts of kindness, I think that is something that we all need to work on and act upon. Happy New Year! xo

  6. Oh Lisa, It is so good to see you all enjoying Christmas with your dear boys and friends. I loved the waffles, the kids on the couch, some snuggles with you and your man. love it. thank you for sharing. David looks like he loved it.

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