yesterday morning i met my aunt and uncle for breakfast in baywood.

it was such a foggy, gray morning.




i pulled the car over three times

to take pictures of the bay and various flowers.

i felt overcome by the peacefulness.




this bench would be a lovely spot for a cup of coffee.

too bad it’s someone else’s front yard!




a quiet morning was just what i needed.

a few moments to clear my head

and catch my breath.




we’re in LA today for david’s rescheduled echocardiogram.

i’ll be glad to be on the other side.

and even more glad to get his heart surgery over with.

so thankful for good doctors, loving family and friends who pray.

i’ll update this post after the echo!

* * *


we had a loooong day today.

we woke up at 4am to get ready and get to ucla by 6am.

lots of waiting.

during the echo (while under anesthesia)

david started holding his breath and coughing,

so the anesthesiologists decided to intubate him.

as soon as they intubated him, his lungs started to spasm

causing an asthma attack

which was quickly resolved with some albuterol.

i’m not sure if they gave him additional meds after they intubated,

but instead of taking a half hour to wake up

it took david four hours.

and i was starving and exhausted and not in a good place emotionally.

but a late lunch and good nap and some sisters who jumped in to help

with kiddos saved the day.

off to relax and snuggle my boys

{and enjoy the rest of the weekend!!}

thank you thank you for your prayers. we are so grateful.