my little sweetheart

david went back to school this week.

and i am simultaneously so happy and so sad!

so relieved he is healing and happy. and i’ll miss having him with me all day.

isn’t that how it is to be a mom? a heart constantly split in two-

with love and worry and guilt and happy. so good though.

i am so thankful. my heart is full.

i love my little sweetheart.


  1. Lisa, I just found your wonderful website and LOVE your jewelery. I particularly love the heartstrings necklace, although I would be happy with a gift of anything there! I stumbled onto your blog and just love reading your posts. What an inspirational woman you are….your family is blessed! Happy Holidays!

  2. Yes! So adorable and heartwarming to see the two of you on this side of the surgery. Even though we’ve never met, I have been checking up on you daily to see how you guys are! I agree about motherhood=heart constantly split in two! Good way to put it.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    My hubby got me a mother’s necklace last year and I love it…I saw your brave heart necklace and I think it is the next piece I want! My son, Nicholas, is having open heart surgery in 2 weeks and it would be nice to have something beautiful to hold while he is in surgery.

    Your work is amazing, thank you…


  4. …and that feeling in the heart doesn’t change when they get older either! My 26 yr old spent a week with us for Thanksgiving and my hubby & I both cried when she left.

    So glad I found you through Heather Bullard’s blog today.

    Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family.

  5. Hi Lisa found your blog through Heather’s love all your photo’s and your designs.
    Yes being a mom is the most wonderful thing there is but also sometimes very difficult for the heart.

  6. help me! i’m trying to purchase your special today (the snowflakes) and it keeps saying there is an error logging in – even though i’m using my correct user name & password. i tried making a new account – but it says i can’t because my email is already used (from my REAL account).


    [email protected]

  7. Just made my first purchase from your store! 4 snowflake ornaments, that are gifts to my siblings…So excited, Ive been following for over a year! Thank you for the sale!!!!!

  8. You are such an amazing person!! Through your website you show so much strength, love & courage. You embrace each and everyday that is given to you. That’s how I live and everyone else should too.
    Your so inspirational as well. Never stop what you’re doing…just keep doing!

  9. I love that you call him sweetheart. That’s what I call my kids–maybe that could be a new necklace design. 😉

  10. Oh, I know just what you mean. The best moments in my day are usually the ones where I am dropping children to school and blowing kisses goodbye; and then picking them up again and saying “hello…I missed you so much!”.

  11. I love all of your photos but these three are my favorite! The love that the two of you share is so evident on your faces! Merry Christmas!! P.S. your mantel is my screen saver for this week!! BEAUTIFUL!

  12. yes…a mother’s heart it always torn…crazy how that works! but so happy the little guy is doing well! you both look especially happy in those photos.

  13. Oh boy what a gorgeous set of photos. Yes, you summed it up perfectly – love, worry, guilt & happy all at once. Lucky we mums have such big hearts. Big hugs to you and your beautiful little man – so happy to hear that he is healing so well. x

  14. Hi Lisa, how I relate to a mom forever torn with letting go and holding on. So glad to hear your little guy is back to school and doing so well.

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