what to do with candles when you feel a handmade inspiration?

here’s a {fairly} quick and very low cost project

with such sweet results! decoupaged candles. love!

i bought some tall glass religious candles from target about $1.50 each

and used modge podge to decoupage white tissue paper around the outside.

i intentionally let it wrinkle and crinkle–it gives it a more organic look.

after i let them dry completely {24 hours}

i spruced them up with rhinestones from a local craft store

and created tissue paper flowers by cutting out small circles, crumpling them and layering them together.

a great project for kiddos, too!

wouldn’t it be lovely to have five of these down a long table

with white trees and silver ornaments?


  1. Yay! I’m not the only person who intentionally utilizes wrinkles in her decoupage. There are tons of posts about how to get them ‘out’, but I agree… the organic texture of the wrinkles is fabulous. I love these candles. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love it!! This looks like a really fun project and I love candles . . .

    If I make them up, I will let you know. Thanks for the really cute project idea

  3. Hey Lisa, my ultimate creative friend!! I can think of a million people who would be delighted with one of these candles – teacher’s gifts, hostess gifts, neighbors…. I can see a Saturday craft day with the kids coming on! And maybe a TWF activity on our retreat. Wouldn’t it be neat to make them Friday night and use them all weekend? Thanks for the idea! Love you, friend!

  4. Lisa – love these candles – and i think i might just make a few to put along my mantle. I can see some “greens” intertwined with the candles. also good as a gift. thank you for this idea. take care

  5. Hey Lisa, just found your blog from Heather Bullard! Love it! Hey, I so want to do these decopauged candles…where in Target did you find them??


  6. We used to make something similar in school. Only we used multicolored tissue paper. I love the look of the white. Beautiful. (And we used to sell those tall religious candles as school fundraisers!)

  7. These are beautiful, Lisa! I am new to your blog and have been enjoying your projects, your fashion and your sweet David.

  8. lisa, if you keep posting all of these cool craft projects, my husband is going to be very upset with you 😉

    so glad that david is doing so well! yes, a mama’s heart is always torn. except when my little man is acting really, really fresh! lol

  9. Hi Lisa,
    I love all the craft projects you have been posting. I love decoupaging and I also just bought the candles you are showing. My Christmas theme this year is white, silver and turquoise/light blues so I will do your way and do the white tissue. How darn fun

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