hospital {day 4}



my sister shot some pics of us walking with david through the ped ICU.

it’s been such a positive hospital experience.

the nurses and doctors are amazing-

david is bouncing back so nicely.

yesterday an x-ray showed his left lung had fluid and collapsed,

so they are doing some respiratory treatments to get that fixed

then we’ll be discharged! can’t wait!!

we’ll hang out near the hospital for a few days.




i feel like a big, dark cloud is behind us.

a big big relief.

* * *

we’ll be laying low this weekend.

and even though david won’t do a lot of trick or treating,

we have a super cute costume to dress up!

matthias is going to be annikan, and david is going to be yoda!

what are you weekend plans?

trick or treating? pumpkin carving? cinnamon lattes?


  1. Oh Lisa.
    These sweet pictures of you and David made my HEART sigh and my eyes filled with sweet tears.
    How tender.
    How gentle.
    How very very sweet.
    Those are the tenderest of moments.
    So happy you and your family have all of this behind you.
    I know you were all an inspiration while at the hospital.
    I know David has a light glowing over him SHINING on others!

  2. I was thinking of your family today, I hope David is doing well, and hopefully your on your way home, I know David will be his ultimate comfort when you get there! In my thougts and prayers.

  3. I have been so moved by your story that I had to write. The pictures on this post just oozed with love/ worry / relief / tenderness. Very beautiful. I keep your son in my thoughts and send you and your family much love. I was led to your site through your jewelry but keep coming back to do it’s content and great photos. Another warrior mama! Take care.

  4. God is so good. I love that he is healing and think the photos are truly precious. Can’t wait to see pix of Yoda!

  5. Love the picture of you and David, like the Madonna. You should make a hand case medal of the Blessed Mother. I know you are Christian, and I think there’s something so special for women, mothers especially with Mary. She had no idea what God had planned for her or her Son, yet she was obedient and trusted God. It’s such a beautiful message.

  6. I’m so happy that little David is doing so well! So glad that you feel such relief! Praise God and hoping for a speedy recovery… David looks like nothing has happened! and I’m sure he is loving the extra attention. Soon this will all be just another memory and David will be running around with Matty in the back yard. Love to your family.

  7. So happy to hear that he is doing good! Have a great weekend:) This one will be busy for us with all 5 getting to go trick-or-treating and my niece!!!

  8. I am so grateful that the big dark cloud has been lifted! A huge sigh of relief I am sure:-) We carved pumpkins last night and will be watching football on Saturday afternoon with my folks. Sunday evening will be a short trick-or-treating event with my 2 year old. Enjoy sunny Cali!

  9. Many blessings and good wishes for you and your family. My son have the same cute monkey pajamas, I love it, is cute. Have a great day.

  10. Hi Lisa, I am so happy things are progressing so well with David. Phew, what a big relief for you all! Every time you hug him must feel so precious right now – how wonderful. This weekend we are toing and froing between happiness and angst. We found out after a long 9 month wait! that my darling John is being made redundant from his job after 33 years. This is good news in a way although he’s not at official retirement age here in NZ for another 5 years. Lots to deal with.. I’m used to having him home quite a lot because he works from home when he’s not travelling but it will be a HUGE adjustment for him. I love the simple things in life and he likes an upmarket lifestyle… hmmmm could be tough adjustment times ahead. He also had a glucose tolerance test last week and we get the results on Monday. Fingers crossed it doesn’t show anything nasty! Yes, that’s my weekend! Hugs with love

  11. Beautiful picture of you and David snuggling. Absolutely beautiful, brings tears to my eyes. I am SO glad to hear things are going very well. Keeping everyone in my prayers.

  12. I’m saying prayers for David and your family and am so happy that things are progressing forward. Those are powerful pictures that you’ve shared – shows lots of love and healing.

  13. So pleased for you all, and will keep praying for David’s lung. What a beautiful picture of you – holding David – such peace, such beauty and such a testimony! May God bless you all

  14. the photo says it all. So glad that prayers were answered in a positive way. heaping more of them for a speedy recovery and happy homecoming.

    we are staying home to greet the neighborhood kiddies and pass out treats. Lots of DVDs and some hours of knitting will keep me sitting to rest after a very busy month! ready to be still.

  15. Glad to hear things went well for David. Been thinking about you and praying for you. If I knew where you were, I’d come by, but guess what? We are heading to SLO on Saturday, pretty much after Dan gets off work. Maybe we’ll see you if you get back while we are there. God bless you all. love and hugs as always

  16. happy to hear that!
    we will be meeting friends and gathering at the park
    trying the keep candies little.
    I will thinking of you guys, promise!

  17. Such wonderful news! Our plans for the weekend are dressing up and passing out goodies, but for the most part it’ll be a very needed quiet evening 😀

    Thank you for taking time to update us.

  18. It’s fantastic to see David up and walking around! My son would fit right in with your bunch….he is dressing up like Luke Skywalker…haha!

  19. Thank you for the updates! So wonderful to hear he is doing so well! Our two youngest will also be wearing Star Wars costumes. Saturday we are going Trunk or Treating at a local church and then to the pumpkin patch! Sunday we will be spending family time together and having a big family meal together before Dad leaves on Monday. Monday brings leftovers – love leftovers and crock pot meals with being a homeschooling family! Will continue to pray for your wonderful brave little boy!

  20. Those p[ictures say it all. The relief on your face as your hold precious David is bringing tears to my eyes. You are clearly savoring the moment of cuddling him close. Praise, praise, praise God for getting him safely through this very major surgery! Hugs to everyone, and a great big one to Mattie who has been a trouper through this!

  21. oh so sweet – love the one of you holding him- your momma heart leaps out!

    unrelenting unwaivering hope!! you are on the other side!! Yippee!!! Will continue to keep David in my prayers as he continues to heal and his lung gets strong!

    I will be hosting my mother-in-law aka grammie. I will also be seeing my 16 year old nephew in his high school play and participating in trunk or treat at my kids school!! I am making chilii for the weekend and pumpkin whoopie pies – yummy!!!

    Enjoy your weekend – big hug to you!!

  22. I have a 9 year old who is SOOOOO into Star Wars. He’s going to be an ARF Trooper from the Clone wars. Never knew there was so many different types of clone troopers. God bless your family at this time & I’ll keep u in my prayers. As a mother of 4 & an RN i know how scary it can be when they get sick. God bless u.

  23. those are sweet photos…thankfully it has been a positive experience for you (in the way that anything like this can be positive). i’m so glad that he’s doing so well!

  24. thank god your baby is doing so well!!! you have been in our prayers and im just so thrilled at how well he is doing,
    god bless siobhan

  25. Such good news – thank GOD!!! What you’ve gone through has to be quite an experience. Thank you for sharing it with us. You’ve been in my prayers.

    I also have a Star Wars boy at my house. He’s been Yoda and a storm trooper in past years. This year he wore his Yoda costume for super hero day at school 🙂 He’s thinking he wants to be James Bond this year (his fav dart gun is the main accessory!) Too funny.

  26. I am so glad to hear that David is recovering and that you will soon be on your way home. You all our still in my prayer!

    We will be doing some trick or treating, I have Buzz, Woody, and a tiny alien from Toy Story. Have a blessed weekend!

  27. I am so touched by the love seen in your family, and I’m sure everyone else is too. So glad the surgery went well. I’ll be praying for a speedy recovery.

  28. So Happy everything is falling into place .. May the Good Lord continue to bless David and your family…
    Well , I usually carve the pumpkin 2 days before halloween so it will last but, my pumpkin had a blemish and was failing fast sooo I carved on Tuesday and cleaned him out and put vaseline to try and save him as long as possible ….boiled and toasted the seeds , the kids loved the whole process … I love dressing up for halloween , I was deprived as a child ….I will be a japanese princess this year .. other costumes for my grandkids are a garden gnome , 2 secret agents and a police officer, and a ninja and 2 princesses!! Top it off with a bon fire , big pot of chili , and trunk or treat at the church …. Fun, Fun, Fun…. Happy Halloween !!! be blessed !!

  29. I have a Padme on my hands this year. She is such a Star Wars fan. This year, because Halloween falls on a Sunday, we Trick or Treat on Saturday. That’s small town Mississippi for ya. The kids don’t seem to mind. They get candy either way.
    I’m so proud for David and your family.

  30. Good thoughts and love as always. Your family just glows with positivity, you are an inspiration. You deserve good karma xx

  31. So glad to hear David is recovering! We have swim classes tommorrow with Trick or Treating Sunday. Gage is going to be an Alien. I hope the weather is not too cold. Have a great weekend just relaxing with your family! Love the pictures your sister took!

  32. Such sweet pictures! I’m so glad he’s doing well!

    We have a busy fun-filled weekend ahead. Tomorrow we’re going to the pumpkin patch, then a Halloween party and Trunk or Treat at our church. Brady is going as Robin (from Batman and Robin) this year and he looks so cute in his costume!

    Sunday we have church and a fall festival at another church (maybe).

    Have a great weekend and a great Halloween!

  33. Gosh, I bet the relief is feeling pretty wonderful right about now and I am so happy for your little family. You all deserve a fun Halloween! Our plans include celebrating our 15 yr old’s birthday (yes, a Halloween baby) and drinking pumpkin lattes in the driveway while listening to scary muzak and handing out candy!

  34. Been away from the computer…so glad to see all went well! Still praying for all of you, and may your weekend be peaceful!

  35. Those pictures just made my heart swell for you…I am so glad David is doing well and that this is behind you. Prayers, as always, continue for you and your family!

    Bud is going to be Kenobi! Lu, a bit old for trickortreating, but still, she goes, will be a vampire:)

    Hugs, Sonya

  36. It is wonderful to see David walking! I hope the lung issues will resolve easily–I know you are all ready to get out of there. I hope your boys enjoy their Halloween–my boys are totally into Star Wars too and are going as Annakin, Jango Fett, and Sebulba. This is my 6 year old’s second time as Annakin! Still praying for you all!!


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