happy halloween!



it was a very happy halloween because david was released from the hospital!

but don’t worry we ate plenty of candy, too.

david dressed up as yoda and matty dressed up as annikin.

the pictures above are from the hospital–david showed off his costume. too funny!




matthias joined his cousins for a fall festival at a grace church in long beach.

lots of bounce houses, candy, and games.

so much fun!

* * *

we are healing and resting so happy to be home!

how was your halloween?


  1. super cute costumes! we enjoyed the carnival at the Bridge and then a little trick-or-treating “fresno style”
    glad to hear good news about David. Makes my heart smile for you.

  2. He totally looks like he could be the young version of Annikin!! And, that Yoda costume … he looks adorable! So happy to hear all are well and healing … yay!!!

  3. Happy days for you and your boys, from Brazil, with love. Iยดm here all the time, enjoying all of your beauty stuffs and words.


  4. So glad that all is well and you are home with your family. I am sure your son, as well as yourself, will be happy to sleep in your own bed :0) Our Halloween was fun. We went to a festive fall event at church and then out for candy……..and ice cream, mmmmmm!

  5. Clearly I’m going to have to get with it before my boys (22 months and months) get older, because I totally thought Dadvid was dressed as a funny sheep.

    I made four-bean, turkey, veggie chili and we had a low key night at home.

    So glad your boys had a fun day and you’re all home together!

  6. Oh, my word – he is up and around and I would never have guessed he just had any kind of surgery. Looking good, David! Praise God! Both boys look just too cute!

  7. What a relief to be home from the hospital. I am hoping that you will see the improvement needed and find peace and relaxation. Happy Fall!

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