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an early christmas

December 5th | family

the omaha cousins came to california for a wedding

so we HAD to celebrate christmas with them.

we met up at nana’s house in fresno for the weekend.

lots of video game playing, laying around, football game watching

lots and lots of lego playing. so fun.

so fun to get an early christmas-with at least two more christmas celebrations to come!

how many christmases will you celebrate this year?

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  1. desiree says:

    lots!!! We celebrate all December! :) Such fun.

  2. Bashtree says:

    Aw, your Nana has a papillon? I think I love her :) we’ve has one Christmas already, but it’s the only ‘extra’ one this year.

  3. Carrie h says:

    Christmas eve with my family
    Christmas morning with just our little family
    Christmas day with his family
    Christmas dinner with his extended family
    Christmas dessert with my extended family
    New years day for presents with my family

    I originally thought it was just 4, but then I started listing them all out, yikes!

  4. 52scrap says:

    We have 7 Christmases to go to.

  5. shannon says:

    Wow…several people have so many! we only have 2 because most everyone comes to our house on christmas day because of the kiddos! We will have one extra celebration with my grandparents on the 23rd!

  6. Gina says:

    Two big ones, and maybe three mini ones (:

  7. Cindy says:

    Hmmm,,,,,Charles Dickens himself said that he would honor Christmas and keep it all the year through. That being said, I think it’s great to have a lot of them. We usually have two, but now that my older daughter is coming home from college, maybe we’ll have more. I like to do the Epiphany on the 12th day of Christmas. In Italy, they celebrate with Befana coming and bringing gifts from the Wise Men. There’s some great stories out there with her.

  8. Denise C. says:

    It will just be my husband, me, our 2 kids & dog this year. We were always out in the position to travel to see family, & this year we want to be by ourselves. We’re keeping it very simple too. Pizza will be our dinner. :)

    Love that your stockings have your first names on them. I bought matching stockings last year & had all of our names embroidered on. I put down my husband’s & my first names instead of Dad & Mom. :)

  9. Southern Gal says:

    It’s always our family, my family, his family and now my daughter’s family. Whew.

  10. Nancy says:

    SOunds cool! My husband and I are from Omaha!
    Kinda cold this time of year though. Bet they enjoyed the CA weather….

  11. sarita says:

    Well , I hear a lot about how much stress all those Christmas’s can be .. I used to feel the same but, with his folks gone and mine gone .. No where to go on Christmas.. Kind of sad ….We make the most of it but, hind sight is 20-20.. So enjoy each and every moment with your family it will not always be that way….We will have Christmas with kids & grandkids on Christmas eve….

  12. Nicole says:

    We will be celebrating 3! I come from a family of seven children so with all the nieces, nephews and spouses, it can become a very full house quickly! Can’t wait! Btw, I love David’s pajamas! So cute and happy!

  13. melissa says:

    we will do 4 or 5…a lot, but so much fun! our last celebration will be in jan. this year…so christmas will keep going into the new year for us.


  14. Kristin Takemoto says:

    This is my first comment on your blog but I read frequently! I live in Fresno so I was excited to read you were in the Valley to celebrate A Christmas! It has been very chilly lately, I agree!! My husband and I celebrate 5 Christmases!! It’s a busy few weeks but that family time FILLS MY CUP!!

  15. susan says:

    just 1..both of our extended familieslive far,far away.
    it will be breakfast, frenchtoast, cinnamon rolls, eggs etc…andcoffee,lots and lots of coffee. By the way I love David’s monkey pjs..must find them for my youngest who is obsessed with monkeys!!

  16. Trina Walker says:

    We will celebrate :
    1 on the 18th with my husband’s mom
    1 on the 24th w/ sis in law
    1 on the 25th with just us and our kids
    1 on the 26th with my parents and brother and his family


  17. Jessica says:

    We have 6 “major” Christmases plus 1 wedding plus 2 work parties plus 3 “friend” parties… :)!!!

  18. DeeAnna says:

    Did you notice that for such a “small town” Fresno seems to be connected to everyone in some way? weird. I grew up there!

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