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a spring picnic.

May 17th | adventures, family

last weekend we had dinner with friends out in arroyo grande near vineyards with the sun setting.

the boys played frisbee and bocce ball

while david explored the property and i sat and talked {when i wasn’t chasing david}.

i couldn’t get over what a beautiful evening it was.

i held the moment in my hand.

other special moments recently include the four of us snuggled up in bed saturday morning and david cracking up this morning during breakfast.

have you had any special moments recently that you made sure to savor and enjoy?

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  1. Beautiful snapshots!

    I will be happy when bedroom project is over.
    Carpet in on this Friday.
    Order bedroom furniture~ be here in summer.

  2. Jen C says:

    I had a moment like that last night. My daughter wanted cheerios and her milk before bedtime. So we sat on the kitchen floor eating cheerios together. Then she got up and sat in my lap and gave me lots of kisses. Just a precious moment….

  3. So important to hold on to those moments and cherish them! These photos are gorgeous! I absolutely adore the silhouette! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. debbie says:

    I’m trying to be better about enjoying the quiet time with my girls – we seem to do too much ‘rushing’. sometimes a lazy afternoon on the couch is WAY better than a fun, busy time away.

  5. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the reminder of living in the moment and appreciating the simplest of pleasures. You’re a gift, Lisa.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    beautiful! We’ve had some cloudy days lately but at church we are still in the 40 days of brightness after Easter/Pascha and singing Christ is Risen from the Dead, Trampling Down Death by Death is glorious!! People’s faces are shining as they sing, the clergy are all in white… it is a very special time indeed!

  7. kim says:

    somehow i came across your blog. so glad to meet you. your words and pictures give me such inspiration. thank you

  8. Becky K. says:

    The other day my toddler unexpectdly took a morning nap at the same time as his baby brother. (woo hoo!) So I used the unexpected gift of time to sit on the back porch and spend some time with the Lord. When Noah woke up, he came outside with me, ate strawberries out of the garden and chased a white butterfly. Breaths of fresh air to my heart!

  9. Katy says:

    ahh. i love ag.

  10. tamara says:

    that first photo is magical! i recently helped my parents host a party at their home. we were all working together, joking with each other and laughing. it reminded me of when i was little. it was a beautiful afternoon with blue skies and warm temperatures. it felt special at the time and i keep going back to it in my mind. defnitely a recent moment to savor.

  11. Tabitha Blue says:

    Looks like an absolutely gorgeous night with your gorgeous family! Love the photos :)

  12. Lisa C. says:

    Watching my son hold my daughter’s hand while he helped her down the deck stairs today. They come few and far between!

  13. jenn says:

    was this post inspired by someone named sara? i’m thinking the answer is “yes”!

    this morning on my way to work at 6a, i pulled out of my driveway and was brought face to face with the GORGEOUS full moon. it was dressed in sheer clouds, and it was STUNNING. all the way i kept looking for it as i drove (i live in a hilly, wooded area, so i would lose sight of it), and it made me smile several times when i’d come around a corner and spy it.

    it was a great way to start the day.

  14. honestly, my most favorite special moment lately is at night when Im putting my girls to bed. I love to climb in and cuddle with them, talking about our day, what their favorite part was,etc… Its a precious time and they look forward to it just as much as I do. And theres nothing better than being there to watch them fall asleep. They hardly stop moving throughout the day so its a rare thing to watch them give it all up completely to sleep:)

  15. kelly says:

    Aww. Beautiful photos. I’ve had moments just like this lately…simple and meaningful. It must be the time of year. :)

  16. Katie says:

    Yes! And they usually always involve my little ones, but this moment was my own. A quiet walk on my way into work, photographing a few things that inspire me. Full.

    ps..gorgoeus photos in this post!

  17. Megan Lane says:

    hey pretty lady, do you mind telling me what hair product you use?! i feel like we have similar curls/texture, and the product i’ve been using (deva curl) has not been controlling the frizz that the humidity’s bringing. and you hair looks GREAT! thanks! :)

  18. vicki says:

    For 11 years I lived in Texas while my family was all still back in Washington state. I had the GREATEST moment today, having now moved back to Washington to the same small town that my family lives in. I met my mom at our favorite fabric store, Stash to buy fabric for a quilt we will make together for my daughter. Then we went to pick up my other daughter and we all went out to lunch together, just the girls. I missed my family so much while I was away…it was a sweet, sweet moment.

  19. Kelli says:

    My husband and I took our older daughter (age 6) to see “Mary Poppins” in Seattle last Sunday. During the standing ovation, he picked her up, and her face just lit into the biggest, most glowing smile I have ever witnessed on her sweet face. Pure joy. My heart swelled!

  20. Tabatha D says:

    My little guy (age 4) really melted my heart last night. Our conversation when something like this.

    Mommy I miss you today.
    I missed you today too.

    Mommy you my Best Friend!
    Ahh honey, thank’re mommy’s best friend too.

    What about daddy, he ask?
    Well Daddy can be be our best friend too!

    I treasure moments like that and hope and pray in 10 years, he’ s still gonna say I’m his best friend.

  21. Philippa says:

    Hi Lisa, I had one of those moments yesterday evening when I went out into my kitchen garden in the paddock (a fair walk from the house! giggle) to collect some broccoli for dinner. It was a chilly evening and while I was harvesting I just looked around and thought ”wow, how I love this kitchen garden”! Definitely a lovely moment. xxx

  22. linda says:

    I had a moment, on Saturday night. Though my son is in heaven, I was at a ‘Mom’s who’ve lost children’ conference. We had a ceremony where we all lit candles and spoke of our children. It was like a brief visit. Delicious.

  23. Allegra says:

    I enjoyed a pretty fun and special Thursday picnic myself last week! I had the chance to really see the birth of a new and special friendship! :)

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