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a family adventure in cambria

May 29th | adventures, family

Since Monday was Memorial Day, we decided to go out for breakfast and take a walk in Cambria. It’s a darling little town about 45 minutes north of us. David had a rough night and was grumpy as we started the drive. You can see him making a face so sad, it will rip your heart to shreds–but don’t worry, after he ate breakfast he perked up and had a good time! Happy Tuesday, friends!

Adventures in Cambria…

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  1. beautiful. you inspire me… thanks.

  2. Amy K. says:

    one of my favorite places ever.

  3. Irene T. says:

    My daughter is named after this city:)

  4. Katrine says:

    What a beautiful video! Such sweet memories for your family.

  5. April says:

    Awe…..I Love it!!!
    Thanks for Sharing.:):)

  6. It’s so neat to see you go to all these places along the central coast. My whole family lives there so I know exactly where they are – my hubby and I have spent an anniversary or two in Cambria at a bed and breakfast. My sister’s family goes to Avila every weekend! They all live in Santa Maria. Beautiful family!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  7. Kelly says:

    Looks like a wonderful day! I have a friend who’s a pastor in Cambria :)

  8. Amy says:

    I adore your sweet videos! I’d love to make one of my own. :)

  9. Joanna says:

    love the song – who sings it and what is the title?

  10. Johanna says:

    What a very sweet video. And the song is just perfect! Love it! xoxo.

  11. Lisa says:

    What is it with us women and taking pictures of our feet? 😉 I do it all the time. But if your feet look nice and your toes are painted, why not?

  12. BELINDA FOSTER says:

    i was having a really hard day. your sweet video bought a smile to my face. thank you

  13. susan says:

    this is such a darling video! love the old fashioned super8 look to it as well. off to try to figure out how to do this myself! any tips? :)

  14. Anne says:

    It’s always interesting to see pictures of your beaches…they are so different from the beach here on the east coast of central Florida.

  15. Kelli says:

    So heartwarming!

    Could you tell us the name of this Super 8 app again, please?

  16. missy says:

    So awesome, Lisa. Just put a HUGE smile on my face…thanks for sharing.

  17. Stephanie says:

    I smiled, literally, the whole time I was watching. Loved this.

  18. Kathleen Drey says:

    I love it! Beautiful

  19. Brenda says:

    Absolutely precious video- wish I knew how to make something like this……… and your family are just so inspiring…….

  20. Jen says:

    Love it! What video editing software do you use?

  21. Chris Langer says:

    Lisa: I bought the super 8 app too but how did you edit yours? I ended up using imovie but it was much too complicated. Hope you can share how you edited it and really hope it is simple. :) Thanks.

  22. kristi says:

    watching your adventure made me smile – thanks for sharing!

  23. Vieva Lathrop says:

    Love all the pictures and videos of you and your family. They truly touch the viewers heart!
    My husband and I spent a Long Weekend in Cambria and fell in love with the area.
    Your video brought all of those memories back, Thank You!
    God Bless…

  24. Aloha says:

    Sweet video. Thanks for sharing!!!

  25. Shawna says:

    You have such a beautiful family! I am inspired by your video and all of the fun things you get out and do with your family!

  26. Guy says:

    LISA & STEVE!!! What a great video – you even made pancakes look cinematic! Awesome, loved every bit and I am SOOOOOO excited!!!!! Sweet family!

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