Every Saturday, Steve and I say, “let’s have an adventure!”. And every Saturday, Matthias begs to stay in jammies all day and play video games. Too bad–there’s a big beautiful world out there waiting to be discovered, right? So to compromise, we have very mellow mornings with pancakes and screens and then we head out around noon for an adventure.

Last Saturday, we went to Morro Bay for mexican food, a walk along the embarcadero and ice cream. It was a gorgeous day–and even Matthias had fun! 😉

The shell shop in Morro Bay is awesome–and filled with all kinds of creatures and textures. You must visit if you’re in the area!

The weather was glorious.

There was a man named, Willow, playing guitar, so we took David over to listen. He lit up! So Willow handed him his pick and I helped him strum. Willow made up a song about David exploring on a Saturday. It was such a sweet, beautiful moment. I’ll never forget it!

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Saturday?