hello mcway falls, big sur

We braved the windy roads to explore Big Sur. It’s about 2 hours north of us–and we’ve never ventured that far up
Highway 1. Wow! The views were gorgeous. We did a short hike to McWay Falls. The drive home was long and were tired and grumpy. But we did it!

It’s Monday–how about some hellos?mcway falls big sur lisa leonard-02Hello waterfall. This was the first time the boys had seen one in real life!
mcway falls big sur lisa leonard-01Hello boys. They love their dad!

mcway falls big sur lisa leonard-03 Hello holding pinkies with Matthias. He’s such a tender heart. I love my stacking rings that keep him close even we’re not holding pinkies.

mcway falls big sur lisa leonard-04Hello beautiful painting. Wait, that’s real life?! Impossible!

mcway falls big sur lisa leonard-07 Hello unassuming, yellow flowers.

mcway falls big sur lisa leonard-08 Hello sticker art. Creativity amidst the natural beauty?

mcway falls big sur lisa leonard-09 Hello walking well. David’s foot is feeling much better–so thankful!

mcway falls big sur lisa leonard-10 Hello eyes with yellow and green. Love his eyes.

mcway falls big sur lisa leonard-11 Hello superheros on their way to make the world better. Or maybe heading to the restrooms near the ranger station.

mcway falls big sur lisa leonard-12 Hello helpful sign that leads to somewhere breath-taking.

mcway falls big sur lisa leonard-13 Hello sweetie in the backpack. He is seriously getting to big for the backpack. I don’t know how we’ll hike when he outgrows it!

mcway falls big sur lisa leonard-14Hello sunshine on my face. I tried to soak up as much as I could and let it fill my soul.

mcway falls big sur lisa leonard-06Hello water so clear and green it’s unreal.

Hello backyard changes. We took down the boys’ play structure since they don’t use it anymore. Feels kind of sad to see it go but nice to have more space. The end of an era and the beginning of something new.

Hello pups who seem extra clingy/cuddly lately. I think it might be because the kitchen is torn apart while we get new countertops?

Hello Zootopia. We loved it! Absolutely adorable.

Hello back to our routine. It was so nice to have some downtime over spring break. But it’s back to school today!

Hello to you! It’s a brand new week. What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. These are stunning pictures, Lisa! It’s always so hard to get good ones without tourists in them – good job ;)! And you look stunning, dahlink!!! xo

  2. Beautiful Big Sur! Although it will always remind me of when my son was about 5, and got really carsick on that curvy ride back down south.

    Also, you need to visit some more waterfalls, stat!! Spring is a great time to visit Yosemite, and the walks to visit lower Yosemite and Bridal Veil falls are easy for your family to tackle. GO!! 🙂

  3. Hello Lisa~

    I received my beautiful sunburst ring today…it gives me hope when I look at it! I have a chronic illness which has made wearing my wedding rings impossible due to joint swelling. Your ring fits my finger and now I can wear a ring finally. It will give me inspiration when it feels hopeless and it makes me feel like a normal woman who can once again wear a ring..Thank you and bless you…


  4. Lisa–your pictures are AMAZING! Hard to believe those beautiful scenes exist here on earth. Seems like paradise.

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