matthias had his first (new) art class last week.

we’re so excited because max signed up with him.

the boys had a blast, but mommy is waiting to see if this class is really worthwhile.

matthias has such a drive to create, and i want to make sure it’s nurtured.

we might look into private art lessons.




here are some photos i haven’t shown you from our beach play last weekend.

i can’t get over how big david looks in that pic with daddy.

he has stretched about 4 inches this year.




sand angels.

not as cold as snow angles, but a lot messier.

when you live in california, you do what you have to.




this pic of david playing in the sand was my prize last friday.

love the smile.

love the sand slipping between his fingers.




matthias has been so snuggly and all about mommy lately.

i’m eating it up.

he’s always been such a daddy’s boy-i’m happy to have a turn!




these are some flowers and cactii that i snapped on a trip to the zoo last week.

really, cactii? that is such a strange word. i googled it just to make sure…




and i say today, we don’t stay on the path.

i say we run on the grass.

and pick dandelions.

and eat dessert twice.