What I’m Wearing {how to wear leopard print}

Hi friends! It’s the weekend and we are happy to be lazy. Our big plans? We’re off to see the new Avengers movie. The boys in this house have been counting down to this weekend {and I’m excited, too!} I’m going to start splitting up my What I Wore Wednesday posts into individual posts sprinkled throughout the week. Here’s an outfit from a couple days ago…
I picked these leopard print pants up from Target for about $16. Steve calls them my ‘crazy pants’! They are kind of crazy, but kind of fun too, right?

Black wedges from Payless and a denim top from Chico’s keep the rest of the outfit simple.

Bits of my Heart Bracelet from My shop.

Sun droplet necklace from My shop.

 Large cuff, found at flea market. Aqua bangle, Target.

I love mixing a little leopard print into an outfit–although these pants are definitely more than a little! Do you {or would you} wear leopard print?


  1. I love your style overall! I could not wear those pants, now. I am what they call in the South: “heavy-set”! I do love to mix in my leopard flats though with white jeans and different colored tops, etc.

    Now, I have a dilemma, and I could not find an email to ask the question directly. I am wearing a short-ish white lace dress to a Christening…sleeveless, straight, just a LITTLE cinch at the waist for my Rubenesque figure. I am wearing nude heels. What jewelry? I have a pearl necklace with two stamped circles. I am thinking just bracelets. What do you think?? Does anyone else have a comment?

    Thank you SO much. If I am doing something wrong by asking this way, let me know!

    Vicky @ sleeping in an unmade bed

    1. Hi Vicky! You’re outfit sounds adorable! What about adding a belt to the dress–maybe a color, like aqua? And yes, I think stacking a few bracelets would be great as well–maybe some wooden bangles? Have fun! xo

  2. You rock that outfit!!
    I have a pair of pointy leopard flats that I call my “play shoes” – they are fun and comfortable – I should wear tham more often than I do – thanks for the encouragement 😀

  3. Love it! I love leopard print, I think it’s the only animal print you can really wear that looks classy and not tacky. I like sheer leopard print tops, flats (I have a pair of awesome leopard strappy wedges as well). I also have this pair of leopard pants the same as yours nearly but mine are a darker pair.

    I also totally want to go buy a pair of wedges just like yours, so cute. They are like flats in the front but with a slight enough wedge that they would still be comfy for daytime wear. Great outfit!

  4. I would not wear leopard print. It’s not my style. I tend to wear more basics and dress it up with necklaces, scarfs, hair accessories or flowers.

  5. I wear leopard print often… or any other kind of animal print for that matter. I am the bombshell, after all. 😉

  6. Yaaay Lisa I am so excited that we’re going to see more what you’re wearing posts throughout the week. I think those pants are great – I haven’t been game to buy anything leopard print – yet. I’ve only been following you for a few months but already you are making me step outside of my box when it comes to mixing and matching items in my wardrobe and I am loving putting together combinations. Dressing has become so much fun again:-) Thank you!

  7. I wore them in the 80’s, and I think there’s a rule against wearing a trend for the second time! LOL! But you look seriously cute in those!

  8. The leopard pants are a great colour, and the outfit is eye-catching. Nice style! What did you choose for a handbag – black bag or coloured bag? I usually get stumped with choosing a handbag to match so I’m very curious as to what bag you put with the outfit? Ta.

    1. Hi Louise! I usually carry a large, light gray jo totes bag that holds my camera, wallet, diapers, etc. xo

  9. You look terrific, Lisa! I like that this leopard print has a grey background instead of the usual brown.

    I miiiightttt wear a pair of leopard flats . . . I am a pretty cautious dresser.

    Someday I wish you would share your secret for tucking in a button-front shirt without looking lumpy!

  10. You look really great in them. I don’t think I could pull them off, but you definitely can! I have leopard print ballet flats from Target and those are about as wild and crazy as I get. I have a pair of red skinnies and when I wore them, my daughter asked me if it was wacky day at work for me LOL. I love the reactions from different people over “bold” clothes.

  11. I do wear it 🙂 I have them in tan. and I LOOOOVE them! I like just pairing it with a black tee and cute heels always get soo many compliments and often get called a ‘cheetah girl’ which was my goal when I was like 12 so it works for me:)

  12. Love those pants! Wanted them myself but missed out on them at all my local targets! Perfectly classic outfit…with a twist! Love your wardrobe posts! You’ve inspired this stay-at-home mama many days! Thanks!

  13. Those crazy pants are just great on you and the shirt is perfect with them. I would pair them with a simple black top for going for a night out on the town too.

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