A letter to my niece…

Sweet Megan

Oh my goodness, you are so grown up already. I remember holding you as a tiny baby when I was pregnant with David.  I’ve loved watching you grow, getting to know your sweet spirit and seeing how God is already working in your heart.

As you know, I grew up as a twin, too. I was one part of a set of two. It was she and I–always together, constantly being mixed up, laughing over silly things and sometimes driving each other crazy.

Being a twin was mostly wonderful. I had my sister beside me on the first day of school.  She made friends more easily than I did and I depended on her to help me navigate new situations. Having her next to me made scary things easier.

When we were ten years old, she shaved her legs. She told me she couldn’t believe how smooth they felt. It seemed so grown up. So, of course I couldn’t wait to shave my legs too!

In the afternoons we practiced drawing for hours, listened to our favorites songs on repeat and quoted movie lines together.  No one knew me better than my twin sister.

And because we were always grouped together, I compared myself to her.
I noticed that her hair was a little curlier, her teeth were a little straighter and her grades were a little higher.

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