Tea at Bettys in York, England

I did a lot of ‘research’ on Pinterest before our trip to York, England. One thing that kept coming up again and again was tea and scones at Betty’s in the center of the city. There is often a line that goes outside the door and wraps around the building. To avoid the line, I made a reservation for an afternoon tea. The kids weren’t super into it but I had so much fun! I think it’s great for them to experience all kinds of things–not just kid stuff.  David was very mellow and cuddly which worked out fine. The staff was so kind and really tried to find some things he could eat. In the end they brought him some soft cakes and apple juice. So fun! Champagne for the adults. ❤

Matthias brought his drawing supplies and stayed busy during the tea. He tried many of the sandwiches and cakes. I think he would have preferred a burger or chicken nuggets but hopefully someday he’ll thank us for the experience.

Have I told you how much I LOVE scones with clotted cream and jam?!

Lindsey is with us to help out with David and it’s been wonderful having her along.

Very serious faces for a very serious afternoon tea.

More Earl Gray please! With a little milk and one sugar. Have you ever done a proper tea? {To clarify, the tea was proper but we definitely didn’t have all our etiquette down. Oh well, we had fun!}


  1. How wonderful that you got to go to Betty’s – it really is an institution! I live in Sheffield and my Mum in Edinburgh so we sometimes meet half-way, in York and go straight to Betty’s for a good catch-up.

  2. We also visited Betty’s. It was recommended to us by our friends who live in England. Did you eat a Fat Rascal? We loved it and purchased a sugar bowl from Betty’s. I received the jumble of love necklace for my 60th birthday with my 3 grandson’s names. I now give this necklace as gifts.

  3. Looks so wonderful, your family looks like they had a wonderful time.

    Miss seeing you in Target.

  4. Ooo that tea looks amazing. I’m glad you got to experience it. (Life cannot be lived on chicken nuggets alone.) 🙂

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